Ghost Pistol Gameplay & Review / Fortnite Save the World

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Fortnite StW, NEW Ghost Pistol Review and Level 106 Gameplay; also Weekly Event Store Review
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  1. NOTE – Gameplay 11:18; Total NOOB move, clicked right through the confirmation screen and made obsidian, since testing showed not a good weapon for defenders it should be ShadowShard. NOT good as main weapon, slow firing and slow movement of projectiles means need to lead target more. GREAT for secondary weapon for targeting shielded husks. I would recommend to get as a specialist weapon on riot husks and shielded husk 🙂

  2. what is this?? YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY??!?!!? save the world??? please!! WE DON'T WANT A VERY WELL MADE TOWER DEFENSE MODE! wE WuaNt Tu PleY tHE BetTlE RoYellE ModE!! you know! the not funny to play and full of cancer one! jUST BECAUSE ALL THE "kids" PLAY IT !!! duh! i want to be a cool kid! not some random kid! 😉 if you don't play fortnite you are a nobody! JUST LIKE KINGDOM HEARTS!!

  3. Love the pistol but they fell flat on their faces when they put heavy ammo pistol with less dmg than a med ammo….seriously epic…wtf… greatest pistol in the game. Best look ☑️Pistol with piercing ☑️ Stats for the best pistol ever… roll the dice and worst stats with slowest round travel speed. Can not be used on defenders like obliterator / neon sniper rifle to see through walls. What is the point of piercing if you can’t see through the walls at what your targeting. Again epic fail for epic. Easily fixed by giving a ghastly X-ray view or skeleton mod when you tighten your reticle. So many easy ways to do this correctly instead you choose to keep failing or half way doing it.,. Doh! Most epic pistol then you fail halfway done.

  4. Why does nobody notice that this is a mist monster weapon. It's the only weapon with 2 damage to mist monsters perk options. It wasnt intended to be a main carry.

  5. Using your support a creator code David 🙂 was very hard to choose my favourite creator to support but your 1 of the only people that is donating some of it somewhere. Now I'm not even American but i believe in the cause congratulations sir for doing something good with it! Also I would like videos on best weapons and best hero to use. I'm power level 40 and your videos have helped me out a lot 🙂 I need to know how to farm better aswell!

  6. I thought it was going to shoot like the vindertech shotgun, but it seems the projectile is a little faster. Really sad to hear its not viable for defenders, i thought forsure it would great for them.

  7. I enjoyed your face reveal video, but nah, I don't think you should use a face cam. There's a charm in your videos. Just the screen, your voice and that "toot toot", pingu noot haha.
    Btw how could you go obsidian, ya nab haha. Just kidding, love you

    Anyway, since I'm already putting effort into writing a comment, let me express my opinions: Beetle Jess is indeed a beautiful character, my second favorite though.. nothing beats Rabbit Raider Jonesy, imo 😀

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