Ghost Sighting Using Kinect Camera – Real Paranormal Activity Part 43.2

Using the Kinect camera I caught this amazing spirit anomaly.

After all the noise I have been capturing during the week I decided to set up the Xbox Kinect to see if I could capture any unusual anomalies. To my surprise I caught a lot more than that.

Real Paranormal Activity Caught on Video

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  1. My problem with this video is that there is no time stamp. I can always say that he simply has 2 videos matched up to look like there is someone opening drawers our cabinets. Editing and whatnot

  2. hello so i was wondering if u would be willing to help me out a lil i went and got the xbox and kinect just because i wanna do this to but imma total newb and need some help that xbox support is not able to help me with basically i want to know how to get to the point of being able to access my kinect camera the way u show it on the screen ……. please please please if u uor if any body who knows how to get to this point of being able to access the kinect camera please email me at …. like i said i went and bought an xbox and kinect just to do this and now i cant figure out how to access the camera and its driving me crazy … i re4ally hope i didnt end up wasting my money on getting the console and kinect :(( some one any one PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SOMETHING PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE

  3. How do you sleep thru all that racket these spirits are making n the middle of the night?! I guess I'm just such a light sleeper. If I heard a door or a cupboard slamming shut n the night I'd wake up freaking out. Maybe you're just used to it too though. But I wouldn't be able to sleep with a noisy ghost n my house. Lol

  4. its just the fucking jinns ,
    there are no Ghosts nor dead spirit bullshits , there are jinns and among them demons ( the Bad ones )
    if you dont know about them you tell me and i Will explain to you

    just keep in mind that they were here before us long time ago , so dont be wondering if you see some shadows in your home or a creepy body Moving in Woods or abondand places its them just run away dont try to go to them they Can hurt you really Bad or at least scares you to death , its not a game dont follow them or try to contact them cause they Can stick to you and Fuck up your life

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the spirit in the kitchen is Anna, after all girls of the 1880's probably felt it was their place to be doing something in the kitchen, maybe she's gasping for a nice cuppa after 100 years , have you tried leaving a cup of tea out for them? i would. 🙂

  6. A friend recommended your videos to me yesterday. I have now seen 85 of your videos and I'm amazed how meny gadgets you use. hope you're still active (pun not intended) because I'm subbing with the notification bell.

  7. so when you used your camera did you connecr it to the x box or did you connect it to a pc or direct to the TV. is this actually possible? can i connect a kinnect camera streight to the usb in my TV and see skelketal people like you did in your vedio…

  8. I am a skeptic of many of Michaels videos, many and much of the movement he documents could be explained by the invisible to camera lines to pull objects, but what I can't figure out is how someone out of shot could also close something. Pull yes, but close shut?

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