Ghost spirit caught at accident site – spirits caught leaving body

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  1. It's not shokking at all because IT PROVES THAT OUR BODY IS JUST TEMPORARY SO WHEN WE LEAVE IT OUR SPIRIT MOVES ON SO WE DO NOT DIE AT ALL WE ONLY LEAVE OUR TEMPORARY BODY! but where does your spirit go to because all people must stand before the trone of GOD ather they have left their body of deceiving flesh AMEN!

  2. ur ghosts are cloudy and unimpressive make them better next time and some sound effects to that ghosts. better luck next time. next video should be impressive prepare a good video next time

  3. the part that gets me is when the camera films him he is translucent, but then shifts slightly out of phase and you can make out he is wearing a cloak or some kind of suit. Man if this was faked guy is a genious. I have read accounts of people seeing these things and it seems to be just that.

  4. there is something about this video…. i've looked at it 30 times slowed down etc….. i don't think its fake at all. I've been reading about these aliens etc, and this seems to be one of them observing the car crash. He notices that the guy is filming him and dissapears into the sky. If you slow the video down you can see that he is wearing a cloak just before he gets de-materialised or beamed up…. he has two large eyes and mouhth. Wearing a cloak. He goes slightly in and out of phase just as david icke was saying all this time. Usually i can spot fake videos quick, and its hard to fool me but this one has me puzzled. As he gets beamed up if you slow it down you can see the trail of it being lifed lagging just as if you would lift something very quick on camera the slight trail due to quick frame of video would be present. This looks very real, is there any info where it came from?

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