Ghost Town Adventure! Abandoned STADIUM Full of Cool Stuff

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URBEX Abandoned Stadium Full of Stuff, Left behind. Cost 1 Million to build in the 1960’s. Come with us as we explore another Amazing location from our Ghost Town Adventure. The largest Abandoned City in the U.S.A. These are our videos from our shocking, strange adventure into Decay Land U.S.A. Come along as we talk about cry babies and haters! Enjoy! Gary, Indiana. One of a kind find….


  1. My ruined back and right ankle are fucking killing me from stacking wood for 10 hours yesterday, so this is another great vid that gets a beer and a ?. No working out, today…screw that.

  2. Yeah, shitty bar joists, which aren't that strong to begin with, spaced twice the amount as usual, with an inch of unreinforced concrete on it–yeah, that'll work! (NOT!) Some stuff from the 1950's was utter junk. and this is an example. That was the time they started making stuff cheap to fail. Built in obsolescence! I wonder what light sources are on the towers? My guess is incandescent bulbs run over voltage for higher light output, for example, 1500 watt PS-52 clear lamps rated at 108-110 volts (by that time not a standard voltage, had to be special ordered) running on regular 120 volt power, over driven 10% (110 volt lamps) and 12% (108 volt lamps) which increases light output quite a bit, but shortens lamp life to between 350 and 500 hours for a 1000 hour lamp when run at the rated voltage on the lamp etch. Thus, the lamps sacrificed life for increased light output, and also used more watts, so like 1850 to 2000 watts for 1500 watt lamps. I have a GE L-series alzak reflector flood that was used in a sports stadium in my collection, and the lamp, a 1960's GE, and 110 volts, works but is badly blackened, and is very near the end of it's shortened life. If I compare it to one of my 120 volt versions, it is alot brighter and whiter than the 120 volt lamp despite the blackening, and draws enough watts to trip a 15 amp breaker sometimes! Not that incandescent is bad, of course, but mercury vapor was a big thing in the late '50's, and they could have used 1000 watt H-15 (later H-36-15 and eventually just H-36) mercury vapor lamps running at 1500 watts on special H36-15 class ballasts, over driven, but still good for about 3000 hours, with a then rated life of 6000 at 1000 watts, and newer lamps, rated 24,000 hours would do at least 10,000 to 15,000 hours running at 1500 watts. And these would put out almost FOUR TIMES as MUCH LIGHT as the 1500 watt incandescent bulbs over driven 10-12%! You can BET they cheaped out and didn't g mercury vapor, explaining the field lights going dark one by one, which they never relamped. Shit, even standard 1000 hour 1500 watt lamps or 2500-3000 hour extended service/industrial service respectively, lamps, though not nearly as bright at all, would have done the job, and lasted years. This place reeks of "build it cheap and screw the city and taxpayers" and looks like the typical junk being built TODAY! Cheers all!

  3. Great commentary and footage!! Isn't that the norm anymore,. Build something with less instead of doing quality!! Stay safe Tony! I remember the game from that guy with all the protection stuff on the sidewalk, some of it made me think of crosses.

  4. I'm surprised that no other development has replaced it, like low income housing. there always seem's to be a great need for that, in floundering cities. A really clear, steady video Tony, thank's for taking me along. ?

  5. It would be awesome if you went to the Richmond hospital. I tried getting there and my car ended up breaking down. So I didn't make the two hour trip from Fort Wayne Indiana. The hospital is located in Richmond Indiana.

  6. Geez no wonder Gary is a ghost town now.. if St Louis keeps going the way it's going.. something similar could happen here.. that's why I'm totally against the soccer stadium .. especially since the Jones Dome is just sitting there!!!!!!

  7. Hey! I absolutely love your videos and you find such beautiful places! I actually live in the st Louis area in which your videos take place and I was wondering if there could be a time where we explored together? I know of a few places that you have yet to discover and would love to show, such as an abandoned theater and a club. Thanks a ton either way and keep up with your awesome footage m8. ^^

  8. Trouble, trouble that's the name of Kenner's Pop-o-matic game! Didn't I see this game in another video? What the dillyo, mang? That's a relatively recent edition, cheaper-made than the one I remember from my younger days. Fits w/this poor doomed stadium's story, built by grifters. I had to laugh at the one-sided stands. So much for the competition, eh?

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