Ghost Town in the Glen II – Moosic Pa. The Slideshow – June 1980

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Ghost Town In the Glen II – The Slideshow – June 1980 Rocky Glen Moosic Pa


  1. Where from New York but have a country house had a country house in Tanglewood, we used to go there every summer from 1971 to 1975, then they stop the shootouts bank robbers reenactments with Cowboys and they close the Crockett house, they stopped having live bands, so the place turn to shit I was very depressed as a kid how bad the place got, mom died in 2004 we sold the country house now I'm stuck in Queens just remembering the good old times of the early 70s rest in peace fun

  2. I remember the crooked house, that was one of the highlights. There was a sign that said no one pregnant or with a pacemaker allowed. It was just too much excitement to handle.  Also, didn't they have a little shoot out show in front of the music hall.

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