Ghost Town in the Sky North Carolina

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Ghost Town In the Sky we just stopped by driving thru Maggie valley
UPDATE When I film this there was a guy there telling me they where dismantling it. I cant find any info on this so if anyone knows anything leave it in the comments. UPDATE 2/26/2017 The Carpetbagger got some  drone footage it looks like it is in great shape check out his vlog here’s the…


  1. A lot of good time's there last time me and my wife and oldest son was there was back in 1999 and it was going down hill then but still loved it when I was a kid from Tennessee we would stay in North Carolina loved it but at was 60 and 70s hay day lol

  2. My grandparents took all the grandkids several times in the 90s! loved it so much! the western entertainment and kid rides were so much fun. extremely sad my children wont get to experience it.

  3. I live in Maggie Valley. In fact, up above Ghost Town. You are correct that it is closed and probably will not reopen. The park opened in 1961 and attracted several hundred thousand visitors a year in its heyday. Unfortunately, like so many other small amusement parks, tastes change and crowds began to decline. The park went in and out of bankruptcy a couple of times as maintenance costs climbed and attendance revenue declined.

    The current owner is a wealthy, elderly local who had her own vision (the religious park plans you pointed out) that was liked by some locals and hated by others. She was able to get parts open, but not the bulk of the rides. Unfortunately, she finally admitted it was not going to reopen and the land the park is on is currently for sale. The future owners will decide what to do with it, but they could probably make more money developing second homes (lots of seasonal residents here).

    One correction, by the way, the roller coaster was open for several years (1988 to the first park closing in 2002). The park reopened in 2007, but the rollercoaster was not operational until 2009 when it operated a few days early in the season and then again late in the season. There was question whether it would be operational in 2010, but the park ended up never opening (mudslide over the winter). The current owner said the rollercoaster was beyond repair and made no attempt to reopen it.

    Hope that helps.

  4. My parents took me there as a child and I thought it was wonderful. They had gun fight shows, i think. I remember watching Adam the Woo's video a couple of years ago where he climbed to the top and was poking around. I really enjoy watching stuff like this even though it can be a bit sad because it's closed now.

  5. I subscribe to your channel and I am a big fan of your content. I mean this in the most constructive way possible because I admire what you do. There is some kind of distortion in your camera lens that warps the image and makes it hard to watch. It's almost like a fish-eye effect and If there is any way to correct that I would be most appreciative. I still watch, but it's hard on my eyes and probably the eyes of others. Thank you and best wishes for the future.

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