Ghost Towns in 8K

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Download the original 8K file here:

4K is so “early 2015”. Ghost Towns in 8K.

Filmed by Luke and Marika Neumann

Music by Luke Neumann

To license footage please email:

Filmed on the RED Epic Dragon 6K in Portrait orientation and then stitched together in Adobe After Effects.

Some shots simply scaled up by 125% from…


  1. the reason its "not smooth" even though some people do in fact have 8k monitors, is the simple fact that this is rendered in around 20 fps, so no matter the monitor, if its a low frame rate, it wont look smooth lmao. i am guessing in 2015 8k in 60fps wasnt a thing

  2. my CPU is pegged at 100% usage constantly at 8k resolution using google chrome on windows 7 64-bit pro and a core i5 3470 and a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB OC
    somethings obviously wrong because my GPU usage is only a measily 5% theres like no hardware acceleration at all. VP9 codec sucks balls.
    4K runs smooth at about 40 to 52% CPU usage

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