Ghost Woman of Bachelors Grove Cemetery

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This video shares multiple photos of what is believed to be the spirit of a woman taken at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery outside Chicago, il.


  1. Bachelor's grove cemetery always looks different due to the seasons and plants as well as the people who move the tombstones around the cemetery. The moving of the stones is believed to be the reason why the location is haunted. A ghost lady behind a tombstone was behind a tree in the left side and I saw his white figure hands. Bachelor's grove cemetery was now cleaned up in the fall since behind a tree, there was sitting woman who is the ghost lady. Somebody caught photos of the lady.

  2. Visited the spot and didn’t really think too much of it. The 1991 photo of the women sitting on the block wasn’t first noticed until after the picture was developed. The original picture is a wide angle shot taken at a pretty good distance. He women images was a tiny part of the overall picture. I think because the women was enlarged so much it just appears to be a little transparent.

  3. No bs I went like 4 times already with my friends An we seen a lot of shit there scare shit u gotta go at 12 midnight or 3 am the devils hours so u can see stuff we seen a hell hound a lady in white floting in the air An blue lights going around us An a candle people do black magic there also we seen the ghost car An the horse

  4. yes watch ghost videos and shows before you go camping in the woods behind your house that supposedly haunted, I live right next to a cemetery and always feel a dark feeling when I'm home alone. By next to a cemetery I mean maybe 1 mile away if that

  5. I live about 5 miles from that place. Been going there for years. Creepy! One night in the summer, it was about 85 degrees at night, me and 3 friends went there. We got as far as where the tree's start to over-hang the road going in. The temperature dropped to what felt like 60 degrees. Fog everywhere. We just turned around and walked right the hell out! lol. Bizarre place.

  6. No it's not the movement of the tombs that make it haunted… it's the damn satanic rituals they've been doing in there for the past 20 years. I've seen dead animals on makeshift alters many times. now the cook county sheriffs watch it alot closer.

  7. In high school we used to go back there and drink beer it was very creepy but that's normal for a forest preserve in the middle of the night we never saw any ghosts. We had many nights running from the Cook County Sheriff's Department.

  8. At time mark 3:24 – look to the far right of the screen – between the two trees that you see farthest to the right – look between them and you will see what looks like a man sitting there. The legs look transparent.

  9. We went at 2 am. When we where about to enter the cemetery. We all heard crying n screaming.we ran like ussain bolt. Then on our way to the car we saw 2 people with a dog walking. They just passed by the cemetery entrance and it looked like they where dissapearing. And 2 others say they saw someone hanging from a tree. Also we kept seeing big lights in the woods. On our way home we passed by the cemetery in our car and lights where flickering. Never going there again.

  10. I think there is multiple ghost.  The woman in the first picture has shoulder length hair and woman in second picture you can see that her hair is longer, well below shoulders…

  11. Why not put the photos together? Any para investigator knows that's a way to debunk things. In the pic with the "ghost woman" you can plainly see it's not a ghost because everything in the surrounding area has the same indentations/definition in it. The other pix u took in a diff season in the same spot u can clearly see something that's the same shape as your "ghost." And the surrounding area has the same definitions. It's called pareidolia. Sorry guys. The graveyard may be haunted but you didn't catch anything paranormal.

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