Ghosts Caught On Camera? 5 Scary Videos

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In this Top 5 list, we count down some scary videos of supposedly real ghosts caught on tape. These people claim to have had real ghost sightings and encounters and the incidents were caught on tape.

This list includes everything from a ghost caught on cctv to a haunted house and even a haunted castle.

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  1. So the first one kind of pissed me off cause the mom was laughing at her kids expense. Which makes me believe that the mom was in on a joke that the girls were oblivious to. I get scaring your kids. I do it to my son sometime but there are times where you take it to far. If this Mom was serious about it not being a faked video then she should have put her phone down and comforted her girls. Not laughed and kept filming her terrified girls.

  2. Although this video was great please don’t be like the rest of the losers making bait clicks like you just did with this one. There is no visible ghost in that video with the two girls. Your channel is better than that.

  3. I am legit watching this at 3am and now I think there are ghosts in my house,when I always ALWAYS watch scary vids or movies I turn on the lights because I’m sooo freakin scared!!

  4. Omg the first one got me. Omds the little sister scream. ??? I was so frighten. I kinda believe in ghost but I never really seen it happen. But could it be true that maybe kids imagination friends can be actual ghosts ? Now that is what I would like to learn.

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