Ghosts Caught on Tape? 5 Best Ghost Videos 2017

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In this top 5 ghost sightings countdown, we take a look at 5 ghosts caught on camera videos.

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Top 5 Real Ghost Caught on Camera Videos


  1. As a friend once pointed out about "ghost" audios – and this isn't just here but every "ghost" audio including those by the so called professional ghost hunters – very, very few if not not a single "ghost" audio has the voice speaking a foreign language or an older style of speech (e.g. a 200+ year old haunted building, why is the ghost not speaking like Shakespeare?). Almost 99.5% of them have "ghosts" speaking English & a modern version at that. So sorry to dish the woman but she has to try harder to conceive there's a ghost.

  2. the Malaysia one is not a ghost. it's a robbery. it's a classic "tactic". Person is blocking the road, the car stops, they wait until the driver gets out and when he does, multiple people get off the shadows and rob him.

  3. 2# could be 2 things: it could be a mugging set-up, but I don't think they'd be sitting in the middle of the road if that were true. The other thing it could be is someone experiencing an episode. The drive should have called the authorities immediately.

  4. On the fourth video and you see the very odd and scary woman in the pic there is also a man below her at first i thought it was still part of her sillouate but in fact Its def another face I believe male

  5. Is it just me?……or does anyone else see 2 faces. The girl…. and what I thought was her shirt, until I looked closer. There seems to be another creepy mans face. Smiling….tell me if I’m alone here please.

  6. The second clip reminds me of stories about a scam where someone on the road pretends they're hurt so you stop. Then they and their friends rob you or steal your car or whatever.

  7. in the ghost photo there looks like more than 1 face to me i see at least 3 , directly below the 1st theres 1 very faint in a side view then under that theres a larger 1 thats partially obstructed by the real life person below the main ghost . take a closer look

  8. In last video called there's something in the road, after the man gets off his motorcycle and before the girl reappears on the left side of the screen, if you look to the right side there are eyes in the darkness that keep appearing and disappearing or blinking that look like they're watching him. Look on the right side of the screen right where the road meets the jungle.

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