Giant UFO Captured By KTLA News Network 5 During California Fire Cover

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#UFO #California
In the clip, we can see what looks like a Giant UFO in “cigar form”, using the smoke as a cover.

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  1. It's too flat to be a boat. Unless their floating on the ocean on a barge.
    No wings, appendages engine or tail fins.
    It looks like KRN what's its name either caught a tear in the matrix or cigar shaped UFO.
    I'm going with the latter.????????

  2. UFOs are on Earth in plain sight. They are invisible and some are in fields that have little to NO traffic that goes thru it. Some are HUGE and some are as wide as 23inch TV.. I seen them on numerous occasions when I got out hospital.. I had aneurysm and stroke, heart attack a few years back. So my. mind was extremely clear, yet I could see things others couldn't see.. I know I cannot be only person on this Earth that has experienced seeing the visibly unseen. As well as heard humming and computer sounds after having aneurysm… Anybody else out there that had similar stories??

  3. My eye sight is 20/10 but I couldn't tell if it was a 747 or 787 but either or ,the two seraphim transport ships I have parked on my compound look very similar to how say "cigar shaped" uversa star ships parked out back ! I will see if they will unveil so I can snap a picture of them if you like . They did say because God's are made of light , humans of carbon therefore the only time you are able to see them is cause they let you, other wise you wouldn't understand so they operate in light form of energy . Simple

  4. They have so many chems in the air so u cant see what is.. its ridiculous to c yes but thas pretty large passenger plane y so close to a damn 9hndred tho. Or more acre fire…? I'm still stump

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