Giant UFO captured near the Venus Planet! Sept 27,2018

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Giant UFO captured near the Venus Planet! Sept 27,2018
Witness statement as follows:
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Orions Challenge
UFO!Venus passing between earth and the sun. At 9 seconds into video an object flies past the sun. Keep in mind the telescope views objects upside down.

First part of the strange lights
This the first video i…


  1. Honestly, the moon literally looks like a ping pong ball, with a light illuminating it, not a moon at all. No craters, nothing. I don't know about any of this being real anymore. If it is our world gov'ts are not concerned?

  2. awesome footage. These ships, UFO'S, WHATEVER THEY ARE! Are appearing more and more frequently around the world I think this is a planned event to kind of get us used to seeing these things in the sky to usher in the great fake alien deception!! These demons will pretend to be aliens they will say that they are our creators and they will say that they are here to help and they will bring large growing machines to help produce food, much more economically!! They will claim to love us but in turn these beings are expecially evil and I want so much to kill each and everyone of us!!!!! The stuff has to happen in order for the return of our Messiah Jesus Christ one example just open your Bible and go to Ezekiel 1. and keep reading .these beings are mentioned several times, in different places of the Bible. but do not trust them. they are evil…

  3. mavi how can u b so blind sided with this shit u should know aliens from outside GODS firmament dont exsist but satans spawns left overs r creating this illusion 4 the masses thru vrill pricks at nasa and vatican jesuit programming i SEE BECAUSE I HAVE A SINGLE EYE 2 SEE FELLA

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