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on our paranormal investigation at a haunted hotel, we capture a real shadow person hat man on video. this is truly amazing capture, I have never seen better. footage was captured by andy of the team phantoms paranormal on our ghost hunt. subscribe to them here


  1. I caught one behind me, I was laying down with my girl and I felt something off. So I bust out my phone cam and boom, it ducks before its face can be clearly shown. I want to know what it is, why it was creeping behind me and also why it hasn't left my house.

  2. When large group investigates they should split up it would be less contaminated and also more coverage of more paranormal sightings. Spirits will more likely correspond to a smaller group of people than a lot of people.Also when walking around less talking and also a person should ask questions while the others should be listening and looking to capture the paranormal. That is if you are truly serious in what you are doing as an investigators. The shadows are demons.

  3. I heard tell, from a very well known psychic (with her own show) say that shadow people are very dangerous, and have never been human. Shadow people by her definition are "their own thing" not human or demon. She also says they can be more dangerous than demons. Said when she was a kid they were all around her, and they suck the life out of people. That's their main goal.

  4. since when do shadow known for moveing fast?,I only had 1 encounter and it might be phycosis,but it did some weird teliporting thing so alien I can't explain it,imagen a mix between walking and rolling but that's close enough,it wasn't even doing both at the same time,it looked like it was flowing though space i guess?best I can describe it,plus I just noticed,I don't remember what happened after?,I don't remember it leaving?i chased it.

  5. So what brings me to this video is that my family moved into a house, Mom, Dad sister and I. So when I got the key I came to clean up before everyone else started to move shit in. I knew that the owner had a few things he had to pick up and he said that this house has been empty for about 3 years and on the market but no one wanted to buy it so they rented. After the owner came and left I walked out the front door and window was open I heard a voice that said "I hate you already" I was like OK weird. I did felt odd feeling in the house. So the first night I heard running in the hallway and a little kids voice, I get up nothing there. I shrug it off. Btw, I am a believer in the paranormal and weird shit that goes down. I heard it again and got up, it was dark and it was me alone for the first night. I look in the empty living room and saw a black figure standing by the wall in the corner. I knew it wasn't a human or squatter. So I told the black figure to F-off and a second later it was gone when I looked back. My parents see the same and my sister said she heard stuff. Sometimes when I walk out to the living room and kitchen I sense something there. My parents think that I'm playing a joke on them my mom doesn't believe in that shit my dad he doesn't care but does. Ohh, and shit gets moved around alot and lights turn on when we get home. My cat acts weird meowing at the corner. We been living here few years and anything happens which it does. They never really hurt us but it's a trip. My friends who stayed over left in middle of the night a few times and looked scared and never gave me a good reason. I said "it was that damn black shadow people messing with you huh" there face goes blank. I don't give a shit, it's a nice house for cheap rent!!

  6. So hat man is real? So what I swear I saw when I was younger was real? Oh that's kinda cool but scary at the same time, I mean nothing scary really happened he just stood there in the corner of my living room it still made 5 year old me feel uncomfortable tho.

  7. That hat man used to haunt me until I set him running … Never came back… He used to call my name, pull my blanket to wake me up n Wen it used to grab my arm it should leave marks. It tried attacking me in my dreams n possessed my cousin,his brother n my brother… They used go mad n have reds eyes n unusual strength. I mean imagine a skinny guy tearing apart a police van with bare hands and pulling the jail bars apart…

  8. If anyone is familiar with the Paranormal TV show 'The Dead Files', Amy talks about shadow people every so often when she encounters them, when she has a run in with them it's NEVER a good thing. I'm pretty sure Amy said you can't get rid of shadow people. Idr why exactly they can't, I just know, they are dangerous or actaully harmful to your home, etc. …. idk i can't remember but check her out if any of you haven't seen her show yet. She is amazing and so freakin good at what she does. Anyone who likes paranormal stuff like this will fall in love with her ?

  9. My grandma has one of these in her house (40-50 years old) she says she sees a black shadow with a top hat on. She said he only walks in her room and the hallway.. and that he’s a very nice “ghost” ;-;

  10. What's 7 minutes into seconds when you said there's a lot of rooms around here you're looking straight ahead at revolving door maybe I really don't know what it is but it looks like a wooden panel door way but anyways I don't know if it was just a shadow from one of you guys getting in a flashlight beam but it looked very fast there was a shadow that darts off to the right very quickly and you even pan in that direction thinking that you've heard something. Just my thoughts on what I think I see LOL keep up the good work I liked the video and I love your content and stay safe

  11. I know shadow Entities are real As I had one Turn the volume up on my stereo full blast And then it appeared right in front of me This happened back in 2001 After allowing my daughters to play with an Ouija board While they were playing with the Ouija board nothing happened But a week later Is when the above happened It appeared right in front of me And then poof it was gone Very scary

  12. ive seen hat man before….its amazing so many others have seen it too…i seen him standing in my doorway in a dream…when i woke up he was there…i wasn't in sleep paralyzes like others report i could move just fine however there was an intense and oppressive atmosphere of fear..He tried sucking my soul out of my body…the force ripped my covers.sheet. & pillows off my bed…the suction was a spiritual force but it was physical as well…very odd…i was able to overcome it with Gods help….after it left i got a word that it was an astral projection and that it was in big trouble because it failed…..i didnt know what an astral projection was at that time…and still dont…but thats what i was told ..

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