HAUNTED & ABANDONED: Fairfield Hills PART 1 (Found Underground Tunnels)

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Michael Liseo and his crew travel to an abandoned mental hospital named Fairfield Hills Hospital in Newtown, Connecticut. Fairfield Hills was one of the biggest state run hospitals at one time until it closed in 1995 due to lack of funds. When it opened in 1931 the psychiatric hospital used methods of hydrotherapy, lobotomies, shock therapy and many other ways to help mentally ill patients. At…


  1. I’m making my comment before watching this video, I worked at FFH from January 1981 to its closing, I also remember hearing of but not taking a little side job there as an extra ( right after the hospital closed a movie was fined there ) in the movie were Robert Dinero, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Bacon, Brad Pitt and a few others, the movie ? Sleepers .I held a few positions there before settling into Materials Mgmt, I can tell you that while I’ve never seen a ghost and won’t comment on that topic, the tunnels are creepy??????
    Smelly and terrible, it was there where I first as a teenager learned what death smelled like, as bodies would creep out there and commit suicide or just die by who knows what means, it was there that I saw the movie Let it Be since I’m a huge Beatle fan, FFH had a theater bowling, alley, pharmacy, and they were self sufficient. Back in the day the patients who in more politically correct times became known as clients or consumers ( consumers of tax dollars I guess ) one thing I wondered was all the money dumped into the facility in he last few years it stayed open, my building just before closing got a $250,000 elevator. YesI have lots of memories tied up there, I was a grand Marshall in the 1994 field day parade and even my X drove my El Camino which was made into a parade float, ah yes many memories some good some not so much, I can certainly tell much more than this little blurb

  2. I used to go there all the time with my dog to exercise and explore that whole area. Last time we went was about 3 years ago and not only were there always at least a few people out walking around, but frequently would see cops in marked or unmarked cars hanging around. Idk how they are about things now but they seemed to be fairly tight on their monitoring of entry into the facilities.

  3. So now it's time to go beyond where MTV's Fear took us, they disguised the name with St. Agnes Medical Hospital. Damn, just looking at this gives me chills. Can't even imagine the horrors that happened in there.

  4. Great video was a patient their for 2 yrs in the 80s got ect treatments electroshock after 6months their with helped me 2months later got a janitor job their had access to those tunnels at anytime I left my unit would dustmop those tunnels constantly would have sex in those tunnels back then had access to my skateboard when I was their and cruise the tunnels on my board try to do wall rides in those tunnels their was one room filled with straight jackets brand new I took a few of them they were outlawed they had property of FHH ON them man I wish I kept them thank for the flashback

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