HAUNTED HOSPITAL! – Reacting to 5 Scariest Paranormal Videos & Photographs Ever Taken.

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Haunted hospital!
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  1. I was sitting at my desk doing some art on my computer watching this off my phone and I looked away for 2 seconds and then he sneezed and I jumped about 14ft and drew a line across my art lol ?

  2. no sh*t i have spirits haunting my hom every now and then….not moving out they are nice they are not even haunting they are just there 🙂 they are following my family…my old dead familyis now statlking us! isn't that awesome?

  3. Also That Lady that Jumped Off The Train She Was Seen Walking Away After And the Security Camera Got It I've Seen that Fotage Before On Another Video It Showed Her Walking Away In A Hurry She Could Have Grabbed On To The Train on The Bottom Of It:-)

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