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Take a tour with Joe and Rob from UGUE, Marie from Marie’s Life Vlogs ans Mysteries and Angie from Angie The Green Eyed Angel. This time we take a trip to a ” HAUNTED CEMETERY MAUSOLEUM” where everything goes wrong. Have fun as we explore a new location and plan on coming back for a nighttime explore.. Thank you for watching and Please Check out our friends channels below.

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  1. ? THAT WAS A NAIL BITER! ? That got weird fast and I forgot to breathe! ? Wow, I was so scared for you Joe, trying to keep everyone together and safe and not knowing what was wrong, just having to go with your feeling. Yes….. Terrifyingly! ……not knowing who or what you were up against. ? ?
    Another great video. Love you guys. ? Sue from Canada ??

  2. I was on da edge of my seat guys! When it got weird,I got nervous for you guys.and the blood..that was creepy…hope everyone is ok!…Sending prayers and love from OKLAHOMA CITY!!!…I Also love the music in the vids.❤❤❤?,,,can't wait for thd next spooky adventure.

  3. Hey Yall Geeze Marie Hope Yur ok Hun You to Rob that place is Huge ive Never Seen Anything like that before Joe im Glad You got Her off the fountain wall i didnt have a good feeling when Marie climed up there Yall are Awesome have a Great Night Luv to All & a Hug

  4. In the picture at 41:33 on the left bottom part of the staircase is a black figure of a man! Yes Rob and Marie were acting very strange..sounded like Rob was trying to cough whatever it was out after Marie fell ill…as always prayers,peace, love and light to you ALL ALWAYS!!???

  5. Joe was born to protect… 100%… And Rob's pure & sensitive heart is crucial to have around in these investigations.. They all have to know, how lucky they are to have someone like these guys..

  6. Oh My! They are both in some kind of Trance. I hope they are ok. Get them anointed with Holy water and oil. One bottle of Holy Water or Oil with a drop in their drinking water should do it. Very Powerful. I hope Rob and Marie are ok. Wow, Angie needs to do the same. WOW< Joe, aren't you the one who seems to get into trouble with the spirits? Interesting. Great video by the way.

  7. Guys, that was a scary video! Rob, I hope you're ok and I hope Marie is alright. That place was incredible and beautiful but the hidden dark side was creepy. So glad you all made it out safe. Love you all <3

  8. I knew rob wasn’t right because he was seriously in his own world this was crazy especially as Joe was the only one nothing happened to

    The blood was very weird and I’m sorry cannot be explained because firstly it was fresh and secondly these ppl wouldn’t vandalise property just to make it more scary however where it came from that is the scariest mystery

    Be safe and make sure you take protection to these places like patty does your like James the fam not wearing a mask lol and it’s worrying

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