Haunted Places in Mississippi

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From Jackson to Gulfport, Southave to Hattiesburg, Biloxi, Meridian, and more! Check out our picks for the Top 10 most haunted schools, grave yards, and places in Mississippi! Enjoy!


“Keesler Air Force Base – Base Hospital” by United States Air Force is in the Public Domain

“Keesler Air Force Base – Electronics Training Building” by United States Air Force is in the Public…


  1. You forgot about the Ghost Of Leflore County High school in Itta Bena MS, back in the 1950s or 60 a guy died on the football field and he's still around hauntin people that goes on the field he hides and bathrooms I seen and heard a couple of times we always heard his footsteps down our hallways it was so creepy

  2. There are plenty of places in Mississippi that are very haunted but no one ever mentions them in videos or on tv. The Raymond battlefield and Confederate cemetery. There's an old church in Raymond where they cannot remove a bloodstain from the wood floors. The old school in Wesson is a good one. Apparently it burned down in the early 1900's and the children sadly did not get out in time. They are all buried in a small cemetery nearby. There's a "newer" two story school in Wesson that I believe was built in the early 1900's also. I went there one night a few weeks ago and the front door was unlocked. It's no longer being used as a school but I think a community center of some kind. People say you can hear the piano playing in the middle of the night along with people screaming. When I opened the door all I saw was that piano so I turned around and left. Immediately felt uncomfortable.

  3. I stay in Mississippi and one night me and my wife got into fight I left the house walking we stay on a dirt road with no street lights so I pass by this house this family used to stay in but it had been abandoned for years but anyways I could hear someone saying is anybody there? they said it three times I turned around and never looked back

  4. NARRATOR: “…the little girl at Waverly Mansion has been known to leave little handprints on foggy windows, and tug on visitor’s shirts.”

    *BUNNY looks around* “Where’s she at ?! I’m getting out of here !” ??

  5. My moms old boss owns the mcraven house and There are 2 hospitals that are haunted in Vicksburg Bc my cousin broke into 1 when he was 18 with his brother a trash can threw it self across the parking lot and he went inside the hospital and the walls were scratched and there were whole finger nails every where and then he left

  6. I visited Waverly Mansion about a year ago. The tour guide told us about the little girl and the soldier, but not about the horseman. Actually when we first got in the house, before the tour started, a woman asked out loud who grabbed her shirt, and nobody was even around her. Then the tour guide told us about the girl. But that place gave me bad vibes. One of the rooms, the cigar room, when I walked in immediately froze. Chills went down my back. It felt like someone was in there, but I looked and saw nobody. Also I got the faint smell of a cigar. Yeah the Waverly Mansion is no joke,

  7. My wife and I have went to Yazoo a few times. The site is great – but children have since cut the chains – legend has it that if those chains are moved / cut she will return to burn down the town again…. well they are cut!

  8. Ole Miss….from1855-1935 was “Mississipi State Lunitic Asylum.”” ( Irironic since bothe schools are Rivals in SCC )Thousands of unmarked day graves are all around Campus. It is going to take years to escavate 20k Graves… Guess will get #1 haunted College in America. .

  9. Cleveland highschool in Mississippi or now Cleveland Central High school is very haunted…I go to that school you can hear footsteps behind you when you walk alone. Another is a ghost we call Fred he is at the old middle school building at Cleveland central high. He opens the door during class, turns off computers,One time he even turns off the pencil sharpener. Another is a guy that snuck out at his house to go play basket ball in the school. You can hear basketball dribbling sometimes. Another is a soldier that went there looking for his girlfriend it's also in the gym but you apparently feel sadness,grief, and loss. That school is over 100 years old!

  10. Try haunted places in Tennessee
    Tennessee might have some haunted places, I know a lot of history of haunted places in the Volunteer State.
    I will always be watching speakeasy a lot
    You guys Rock ??

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