Haunted Places in Oregon

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Portland, Salem, Eugene, Bend, and more! Check out the top 10 most haunted places in Oregon! The Beaver State harbors the creepy, scary, spooky, and downright terrifying! Enjoy!


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  1. I live in Oregon, looks like I have a haunted road trip to go on now! There's a couple places in bend that are haunted, but I haven't looked into them too much ☺

  2. Omg I live in Oregon and one time MY MOM AND STEPBROTHER AND STEPDAD WENT THERE my mom got a picture of a ghost like entity she didn’t see it with her own eyes but when she took a picture a little white and gray spot was there.

  3. I am currently restoring a building on 3rd and Washington. built in 1882 . I was taking pictures of the arch ways leading into the Shanghai tunnels. the walls are not made of brick they are 3 feet wide 4 feet long and 2 feet tall basalt hand shaped stone. like you would see on a castle. so the lower underground area is much older than the building . as I was looking threw the pics I took there was a white smoke or has in a lot of them. I was taking several pics in a row of same area and the first ones are clear then the white haze moves up and finally the pic is all white.. well I edited the pics by lowering the white and exposure . And every single pics had skulls , faces, men, women, demons, even a guy with a shovel digging a hole. the pic that was alk white was the pic that had the demon filling the entire pic . so it was right in my face inches away looking straight at me .. I showed 2 guys I work with that were working just left of the where the pics were taken.. They have not returned to work sence. the pics are very creepy and easy to see. didn't take a imagination to see what is so obvious in the pics…

  4. I went to the light it crept me out bc it was old. There was a gift shop next to it and they had ancient stuff from the light house i even got to try there candy it felt moldy and tasted like the salty water??

  5. I live in Oregon and when im visiting my grandparents i have to go by that light house to get to my grandparents house omg i always knew there was something wrong with that place

  6. There is a middle school in Salem Oregon called Parrish Middle School. People say that a girl killed her self there by jumping out of the third floor. She was being bullied and neglected at home. Her mom didn’t notice that she was dead until one year later and she got depression. Students and staff there have seen and heard weird things and people are afraid to go on the elevator. The girl that died is haunting the school.

  7. Did you talk about the hostpital. There was a man who needed help and he was a weird one he made dead threats to every one of course they thought he was crazy. They were wrong there was a spirit inside of his telling him to kill them over and over again . Soon he escaped and he let them all out . He took everyone out soon . They heard screams of people begging for life not to end " please I'll do anything please don't kill me!! " they ended everyone . He thought he was free he was wrong. People came and shouted them one by one . They say if go over there you'll see a man . He there not let anyone in . He has a gun and no he won't shoot you. he'll scare you with the gun . Sometime he there and he not wonder he's doing

  8. I have personally been to several of these places, at dark. They are far from haunted. My daughter in law's baby shower was held at the wolf creek inn and we didn't leave till late that night.

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