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Today my brother Ryan Warner, Stevo and I decided to enter the haunted tunnel in my town to explore it and see what we could find. While exploring, we made a frightening discovery. Well, frightening for Ryan at least. There were a lot of scary moments during our time in the tunnel, but it only feels like that when you are in the heart of it. It is incredibly dark and creepy and it gives off a…


  1. Can someone please help me
    Why is my new envy prodigy s6 candy scooter not tailwhipping normal
    Is it because the ihc compression system is too tight if so do i need to get a scooter mechanic to fix it?

  2. Bruh. I went in that tunnel the other day with my friends. And there was a neon tent with lights inside and like we saw the outline of people and we flipped our shit and ran. There was also bats in there haha. Crazy to think we live in the same area. I'm not a scooter kid. I do parkour. But it's interesting to watch your videos ! Maybe I'll catch ya sometime

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