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From Ari Aster and starring Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, and Milly Shapiro – Now available for rent or purchase (links below).

RELEASE DATE: June 8, 2018
CAST: Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolff, and Milly Shapiro

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  1. I saw this movie last night and it was great, very creepy without any jump scares and the soundtrack was just perfect. The ending reminded me of Rosemary's Baby a bit which is a compliment ??

  2. i can sleep peacefully after watching lots of horror movie at midnight but.. this is the movie that forced a grown-up 31yrs old to sleep with lights on.. fking hate myself for loving this genre

  3. I watched the movie its super overrated I watched in the dim lights all by myself the last 20 mins of the movie was scary the rest was fine i watched waayy more interesting and scary movies than this not sure why it's so scary for others

  4. i wanna watch this movie but i decided to watch the trailer before. at first i was like ehhhhhhhh but after seeing how the trailer escalated i was like fh;aksjdfh;sidjv i need to see this

  5. Two of my friends and I watched this last weekend. It is definitely more of a psychological horror than anything. It was really good, we sat in silence between whispering theories to each other. One of the two friends had fallen asleep before we put the movie in, so the next morning we continuously made those tongue clicking noises in her ears all day. It was great!

  6. This film is not scary. It's fucking hilarious. The scene with the mother banging her head against the attic door nearly made me wet myself I laughed so hard. The same with the naked man standing in the door way. It's like The Exorcist, far too funny.

  7. this is by far one of the most unsettling scary horror films in years and what i love is it never relied on just scares i gotta give the director credit for making something special and different 10 out of 10 for me

  8. I watched this movie in a new light- sure it was beyond terrifying before but try to imagine everything as the family having inherited mental illness- hence the name of the film ‘hereditary’. Adds a whole new dimension of insanity

  9. This movie is brilliant. Usually horrors take jump scares and then incorporate a story to it which makes the movie predictable and often seem like a low production film. However, Hereditary is the complete opposite. They built a brilliant story and then incorporated scary, tense and chilling moments, that and the fact that these actors made every moment in the film feel real
    A new era of horrors has been born

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