HIDDEN SECRETS Prison Inmates Don’t Want You To Know

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The Most Dangerous Families In The World

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Prison is a place that we all hope to avoid ever ending up in, yet we can’t…


  1. What I'm trying to understand and figure out is out of those 10 things what was considered a secret. During my different times of being incarcerated the things they've showed in this video where the things that prisoners wanted the outside world to know. Its the states' D. O. C, (Department of Corrections,) that doesn't want the public to know THEIR secrets.

  2. LOL man is this over the top lol. Snitches get stitches and rats get backs…. this video is way over the top. Hollowed our books blahahahaha yeah uh huh. No where I was. Trash can liners in the room. Uh no lol. A flush lol no u flush soon as the shits about to hit the water not after lol…. state gives u bus fair so what they say here ain’t 100% true. This video is crap

  3. I can't speak for the female portion, however a lot of the facts in this video are ridiculous! I promise you that flip flops/ shower shoes are worn in the showers, the portion on hygiene also incorrect.

  4. Yeah the undercover brothers exposed doing booty holes???????????????look out attack of the the gay thugs it all about that thuging love ???????????? gay undercover predator plus gangster = gaygster

  5. Women who live in close proximity of each other end up sharing their period dates. So a cell of 50 women on their period would be hell on earth for any man to deal with.

  6. People with disabilities get similar treatment in different ways, they starve people, make you work until your body gives out, they twist your mind to the point that you walk in the lines that they paint in the sand

  7. Man, being locked up even for a short time ( 4 days, up to 40 days) is very tramatic!! BAU Unit both times…you are checked on at least 100 times daily, really bad when they shine light in your face at night!! I ended up another person, !I didnt talk for 3 weeks, I screamed, threw my milk carton at door…cleaned up mess with my uniform, Whent after pencil pusher, because didnt have real pen, deberatly ate slow, , no silverware, ate with my hands, also had to be putting my handss thru little bad window, was always shackled, when getting outta cell!! Found dried pea, to play with, wrote on walls with chocolate pudding., When I got out ended up in psych ward!!!

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