Hillary Clinton speaks about bomb sent to her home in New York state

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At a private fundraising event for Donna Shalala in Miami, Hillary Clinton first spoke about recent bomb threats against her and the Obama’s and CNN. News broke of the bomb threats shortly before the fundraising event Wednesday morning, Oct. 24, 2018


  1. This shit is crazy man why are people so fukn crazy and do shit like this I mean Hillary deserves a horrible punishment but not at the risk of innocent ppl cuz we all know she has ppl killed who go against her..but ppl who do stuff like this need a hospital not a jail they are obviously sick in the head..

  2. Go away !!!!!!!! You started all of this uncertainty in the USA!!! You created a lot of our problems when you couldn't accept your election loss! Go away!!! We'll never forget BENGHAZI, just how do you sleep at night???????? We're gonna VOTE and drain the swamp!!!!!! God bless the USA!!!!!!??????

  3. Our war is not against flesh and blood but against the evil powers of which the Clintons are representatives along with phoney Catholics: Biden, Pelosi, and that running mate of Killery's, what's-his-name.

  4. These bomb threats are false flag attacks, imo. Yes the far left has interjected this right before the election. This has always been a tactic of the extreme left. Remember the Maine!

  5. Pity…..Americans are not retarded as drama directs.
    Sick.. drama. Quit insult Americans intelligence Hillary. We knew and knows. Walks like dog barks like dog..its a dog.
    We are American, let us make America greater once again.

  6. This is what Hillary is actually saying they're creatures and goblins running around are attacking me please help vote for Democrat please vote for us we will say and do anything to make you do what we say and do we make up stuff all the time if somebody have a straight jacket from me and Bill that's what she's saying

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