Homeless Man in Manchester Sleeping Rough After His Mother and Brother Died on the Same Day

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Mark’s mother and brother died on the same day. He was able to keep the house for nine months but eventually ended up homeless after being evicted. Mark has been sleeping rough in Manchester, England now for three years!

Mark tried to beg enough money every day to get into a homeless hostel. Here in the United Kingdom, hostels are similar to homeless shelters in the United States. Some are…


  1. For every hundred pounds that’s made in the UK, seventy pence goes towards foreign aid, yet people like this poor soul are homeless in our own country.

    I hope something wonderful happens in this man's life, and things turn around for him very soon

  2. Before the age of 16 I had lost both my parents, one suddenly the other slowly to Cancer. I lived with my mother in council house after my father died, my sister's were married and left me to my own devise after my mother died at 16. No one helped me, infact what little I had I had stolen from me by others, my family were like vultures. Unless you have been there you have no idea just how alone on this planet you really are and how those with more will take what little you have away and laugh. What a world.

  3. It's great what your doing everyone needs to see these people we never what hand life will deal us our lives can flip in a second , why don't you also on each interview set up a donation for them so if we feel they need help some more than others we could donate £1 upwards then re interview giving the peoples donation this would be a great way to end the interview on the 3 wishes , there's to much greed in the world if everyone could share a little the planet would be happier place

  4. The hardest part of sleeping rough is a lack of distractions, I think some homeless people just want to talk, but personally I live in the woods a lot, and it's just boring, when your indoors you spend a lot of time kind of switched off, you don't even realise it, your half off when watching TV, turned off when youre asleep and then you go to work and youre on auto pilot, when your outdoors all the time youre always switched on, and also there's nothing to do, theres no netflix, I think that's why some people drink a lot whether they realise it or not

  5. His mum died. Without sounding bad. So what. Yeah it's bad but to be fair when you get to his age mother's tend to die. It's life. The fuck his he still living with his mum for at that age?

  6. One thing I found sleeping rough is that you should find packing box cardboard under you,at least four layers and that keeps in the heat keeps out the cold.Plenty of blankets or a sleeping bag and a tarp.

  7. The only thing I haven't figured out is the smell, after 4 or 5 days sleeping rough the smell really clears places out, but at the end of the day people want everything don't they, they want to live in expensive houses but they don't want homeless people, they need to make up their minds

  8. Homeless tips, 1, use barbecues give off a lot of heat and you can burn wood on them but stick to the asda and Aldi ones, some are rubbish, also eating a lot of meat and bread raises body temperature 2, plastic is everywhere and is also brilliant for starting fires, 3, £5 a day saved for a year is £1825, 3, try to sleep 5pm to 1am as these are the warmest dark hours in winter if you can't just sleep all day, 4, I haven't managed it yet but I'm sure with tape and bin sacks you can make a tent because I hate carrying crap around like tents and sleeping bags, 5, oats are cheap and can be mixed with peanut butter for a cheap high calorie snack , that's what I do if I have to sleep rough, I like it sometimes, toughens you up, I started to look down on the housed people,

  9. I will ask around my area in Leeds, I know a landlord and see if they he has any DSS bedsit for him as he said he doesn't drink or smoke and seams like a decent human, very humble too, Where would I find him? Ty

  10. In every single video that I watch, one of everyones wish revolves around family, whether they wish their family loved them more or they wish someone were still alive. Family is the foundation of love, It is so important to stay close to your family … and if you have a shitty family situation, it is so important to start your own family and make it strong and beautiful – if you wish to have that sort of life anyway.

  11. The bedroom tax is quite recent, evil and designed to push people to the limit. If you are in social housing and have a bedroom that is not being slept in they tax you. They should have re housed this man into a one bed flat. I hope help finds him soon.

  12. I feel this mans pain deeply. I know exactly how that double pain feels. My family has just had two deaths on the same day.
    On October 25, 2018. The wife of my 78 year old friend, who was formerly homeless. Who has stayed on an off at my house since 1989. Was found dead in her apartment. Evangeline "Porkey" Cox. Of Marion, Va. She was loved by all and famous in our area for her rolls. That same day the step father of a close friend of mine. ( I also went to school with Skip) Who lived with my family for four years. "Skip" Oakley. Was driving attempting to get on I 81 Interstate at Atkins, Va. (He must have a heart attack.) He ran under the box of a tractor trailer. He was pronunced dead at Bristol Regional Medical Center in Bristol, Tn. Both tragedies on October 25, 2018. It doesn't seem real at times.
    So my heart breaks for this man. He makes me hurt when he said, "I just want my mom back" He really got to me. I was telling friends. The same thing "Both on the same day" Just as this man stated. I feel his pain deeply. I pray he gets housing. Thats so heartbreaking.
    I am very thankful that I truly know the love Jesus has for us all. He is my rock. I don't know what I would do without the love and support of Jesus.
    I thank Mark for his love toward the homeless community. He is a beautiful soul. A champion.

  13. This guy should just find one of those empty buildings , break in and move in. That is the first thing I'm going to do if I ever find myself in this situation. I really don't understand why these people don't just squat in these unused buildings and houses. I live 40 minutes drive away from this man in Manchester and you can find unused and empty buildings all over the north of England. At least it's four walls and a roof, some of them are derelict for years. I can't for the life of me understand why they would sleep on the street rather than squat in an empty building.

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