Hunt For The Arctic Ghost Ship Documentary HD

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  1. I always laugh when people sigh and judge those that have been forced to resort to cannibalise there comrades . It is an absolute undeniable fact that if it had not been for canibilism we would not even exist today as a species . Does the ice age mean anything to those people ? Thank man and his will to survive to march on that we are where we are today . If it had been those that have a religious objection to canibilism that were in the ice age we would have been extinct along time ago along with peg-a-soar-ass and other dinosaurs .

  2. When in doubt, ask the natives if their ancestors saw any strangers traveling across the ice back then. Inuit natives' ancestors also saw a large ship far from modern guesstimates. (Too bad the "Franklins" didn't ask/heed advice from the "uncivilized" natives.)

  3. They suggest that finding the metal end of the crane arm meant that they were close. The piece could have been carried many miles floating in the water or embedded in ice, neither one would mean that they're close, hindsight is 20/20.

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