Hurricane Irene – Catskills – Margaretville, NY

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Hurricane Irene has been less insignificant than most people think. The Catskills region of NY has been devastated. This is Margaretville, NY. It is completely under raging water. That grocery store is where we stocked up for the storm yesterday. There are so many towns up here like this (or worse). People will be needing help.


  1. @horsenaround There was a dam in fleischmanns that was drained due to fear of breakage. These rivers that are shown here are 4-6 ft deep MAYBE. Unless flash floods are going to be a repeat thing we really couldn't utilize as much as you would think. So many people are leaving our community and just giving up. FEMA has helped very few and many have found themselves homeless. The red cross has helped the most. We never saw Tide Loads of Hope or the Salvation Army. Walmart was here though.

  2. My wife and I spent the weekends up here in Denver a little town about 5 miles up route 30 from Downtown Margaretville from the mid 80's to the mid 90's. This is so sad. There are no words!

  3. i posted a video response of a piece i did on margaretville, a few months ago. though a lot has changed, i'm sure the area will be re-established and revitalized. grateful the irene story was not too tragic…

  4. This was a flood of unprecedented scope.The rivers and creeks in the region normally do not have flows that can produce hydro electrical power. There are currently several dams that have been created to create storage basins for the NYC water supply. It would be difficult not impossible to prepare for a flood of this magnitude. I lived and grew up in the Margaretville area. We have been hit with some extraordinary flooding in the past 10 years.

  5. For the HURRICANE VICTIMS in the Schoharie Valley, Gilboa, Prattsville, Blenheim, etc … (It is sad how long the list is) … The Tide Loads of Hope will be at the Walmart in Cobleskill Friday. They will do laundry for the victims of Hurricane Irene. Let's get the message out. Pass this along

  6. I have fond memories of taking leisurely walks through the town of Margaretville, having had a place in Phoenicia (near there) years ago. Margaretville is where they shot many of the exteriors for "You Can Lean on Me" Mark Ruffalo and Laura Linney's breakout film. A great film about life up the region, can't recommend a movie more.

  7. I drove through the town at 5pm on Saturday, on my way back from Bluestock at Hunter, always liked Margaretville, stayed there a few times while going to Mountain Jam…I'm saddened to see this happen to the town, I hope they can recover soon…

  8. I have vacationed and owned a home in the area for many years and witnessed at least two prior serious floods. My impression, after passing by Margaretville Tuesday afternoon is that this one is more destructive than prior.

    I had wondered with a neighbor who lives near me in our hollow just outside the village whether system of dikes and berms could not be developed to, if not eliminate, at least mitigate the the damage caused when heavy rains cause floods.

    Infrastructure could help.

  9. @Valien4life *stores. I mean all of them. We always cross that main bridge, then left at the light, then right at the Bussy building. i'd like a heads-up how it currently is there before we arrive Friday morning. I know it's going to be a shock no matter what, but i may not even want to open my eyes & look if I don't at least have some idea what to expect first. so sad. 🙁

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