“I Live Alone in this Haunted Abandoned School… and I LOVE it” | THE PARANORMAL FILES

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?I can’t believe he still lives there.. what we captured was INCREDIBLE!!?

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  1. This is so awesome!! I'm a medium. I have been able to communicate and see spirits ever since I have been little. They come to me in my sleep…I really hate it when they wake me up staring at me …right in my face. Or wake up in my dreams with them screaming at me or shaking me. I can go anywhere and sense a spirit, I'm thinking about starting my own channel ? keep up the good work you're doing great

  2. Hey, so I know this is a totally "SMALL TOWN" thing to say BUT, I am an Erickson, and I am from SD, and my Erickson Grandfather had 15 brothers and sisters… SOOOOO we might just be related!!! I am currently living in the Phoenix area, and this is the first time I have check out your channel… Love it!!! Keep up the good work!!! Looking forward to parts 2 and 3 and 4… and then the rest of your investigations. KURT IS AWESOME!!! Love him!! so here i go… gotta watch this one in the daylight, lol!

  3. Awesome video I just came across your YouTube channel and finish watching this video which was very interesting and you guys look very respectful and about the Paranormal and I am looking forward to watching all your other videos thank you

  4. If you go commercial ever, please don't lose your normal-ness. You guys are the reason we watch your videos, because watching your videos is like being with friends in town – as opposed to "personalities" from a web show.

  5. My grandmother's house is haunted. 5 relatives that I know of that died in the house and it used to be a rectory. Her mother, her husband, her grandfather and his wife. As well as a female relative who hit her head in the shower. Dolls in the hallway used to be moved about. The lights used to flicker as responses to questions. Once for yes. Twice for no. Like I shit you not. Sometimes there's voices, most of time it feels as if someone is watching you. It freaks the dog out too.

  6. Ever since I was a kid I felt like someone was watching me . I used to also talk to my dead grandfather I had never met and was able to describe his appearance in detail even though I never knew what he looked like before he got cancer (only ever saw the cancer photos). Scared the shit out of my mother lol.

  7. I grew up not too far from where this is. My grandma as well as my great grandmother have farms out there. Not much to see and you have to drive a ways to get necessities. That’s farm life for ya. I will say that both their farmhouses are haunted and being out in the country alone doesn’t help your fear when you’re only a child. And neither does my great grandmother’s creepy doll collection. Constantly would hear footsteps, whispering, bangs, knocks, doors opening and closing in both homes. I could never sleep alone. They are very very old homes. 100-200 years old. I always thought it was the house making noises since they are so old, but then I heard stories from other family members. Eh. Good thing I only visit once every now and then.

  8. I just found your channel. This is the first video I’ve seen and instantly subscribed. Can’t wait to sit here and binge watch till I get caught up on your videos.

  9. A friend of my sister told me a story, many years when he was young and poor, the only cheap house he could rent was haunted house.

    He did face paranormal activities but after months staying there, those paranormal activities gone.

  10. I would go too, I love being spooked as well as I love old buildings.
    Great vid, thank you for sharing.
    That is some beautiful country. God bless America and God bless you too, be safe out there.

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