Incredible, Angel Caught on Film – Look

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Is this Proof Angels Exist? It also reminds me of the Goddess Sophia, what are your thoughts? Also, is that a UFO, or is it connected to the Jet?



  1. What year was the trade towers flown into? What if it's a woman taking a pic outside the window of a plane. That is the reflection pressed hand on glass I make out a hand. What if they are taking this from a plane before a crash.

  2. I have been capturing faces with details in clouds and not in clouds in the sky for a couple of years now. I have seen things u can not explain and never saw previously. I have several theories as to why we are seeing these things NOW. No matter which theory I summarize, they ALL have ONE end conclusion… GOD is showing us the SIGNS.

  3. So I shared Rex’s podcast on fb. Some of my moms family and friends have said that they have all seen this photo before, and that even many of them remember having a copy of it. I am trying to figure out where the original came from….if this IS even the original or not. But from what folks are saying, this pic was taken when a plan crashed many yrs ago,…..KILLING EVERYONE ON BOARD. I will post more info as I find out things. Thanks again Rex!

  4. Wow wow Wow! I started watching this and when you asked what we thought it was, I said Sophia out loud, you know, cause I conversate with myself sometimes…and then you said, Sophia…so yeah…I think it is her ❤ did you see the Phoenix that Evolutionary Energy Arts showed from the Northern Lights as well as these viewers that are photographing media has or angel beings in the sky? Just incredible stuff…I always loved looking up at the clouds when I was a kid…I even used to see these idk…almost invisible tubular objects that moved really fast? Dont know how else to explain it…now I am drawn to the skies once again…I will be driving my car and something will tell me to look up and then my teenager thinks I'm losing it cause I'm always pulling over snapping pics…maybe I finally am going crazy…lol…or maybe my Spidey senses are being super charged with cosmic rays…to be continued…lol…

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