Investigating a Fatal Car Crash: Who Was Driving?

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At first it looks like just a tragic accident, but as the police investigation gets under way, a dark mystery emerges. Who was the driver? Who are the victims? Who’s lying?

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  1. That Zax was ruthless, killed his mate and didn't have the balls to man up and admit it and take responsibility for it. 8 years is nothing compared to the lad that lost his life. At the same time the driver should never have let him drive his car, especially at night when it's dark. A real sad incident for all concerned. Cars are weapons, so many life's lost because of them. My cousins wife got hit by a drink driver years ago and died instantly, her young lad at the time got his legs mashed but survived. Again a very sad incident.

  2. As a teen i refused to get in any car with anyone else driving and i keep that rule at 31. I will not undrr any circumstances get into a vehicle unless im driving. My brother and i were in a bad wreck when i was 13 and he was 16. We flipped numerous times and all though we onky had minor injuries it was extremely traumatic to me. I will not put my life imto anyone elses hands. I have 13 yr old and 5 yr old girls and i have one rule, i drive them or they dont go. That includes school buses, friends parents car etc and i will keep that rule forever if possible. Im sure as hell not going to allow her to ride in friends cars when she s older. If shes not driving shes not getting in a vehicle.

  3. What a shame. These guys can't even speak the truth. You ruined a family and the least you can do is be honest. It's so sad to see first world countries suffering with 3rd world idiotic issues.

  4. I had a similar incident years ago when I asked a friend to drive his car.

    Unfortunately, another friend had driven it previously, hit a lamp post and damaged a rear wheel.

    I went blasting down this hill and was going for a late-braking manoeuvre into a pretty tight right-hander but as soon as I hit the brakes, the damaged rear caused the car to spin 180 and mount the pavement on the other side of the road, sideways… Just so happened that one of those police minibuses was coming the opposite way as I spun.

    I only got off because they asked me to get them drugs…I couldn't at the time because there wasn't any dealers I wouldn't mind seeing get nicked and obviously it wouldn't have looked good for them if I mentioned that at the station or in court.

    The point is, don't let people drive your car unless they're trustworthy and won't drive like imbeciles.

  5. What was the other guy specifically found guilty of?

    Aiding and Abetting?
    Perverting The Course Of Justice?

    I presume allowing an unlicensed driver without having 'L' plates isn't going to get you six years and he might not have known his cousin was drunk.

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