Is Anything Real?

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  1. I just want to say that I don't think it really matters whether or not everything is real, because in the end ,that really isn't going to change anything, is it? You felt feelings, you did fun stuff and you still remember it all. Even if it was all fake you still remember all that and it made you into who you are, right? Nothing has changed except that now you know that what you thought was real was just real in a different way. It's like you find out your friend is gay. It doesn't change the fun times you spent with him and he is still the exact same person as he was before. All that's changed is that now you know that he's gay and that's it, everything is, was and will still be the same.

  2. I don´t care what individuals who believe the official 9 – 11 narrative think about the nature of reality. Since they are intellectually incapable of handling anything that is real, be it a book, be it a table, be it a candy, be it a spoon, they are simply too stupid to. What I do care about is, they do not breed. Because they are genetically inferior in comparison with those who do know it was an inside job, a drill or anything else than the official narrative, that is all that counts. Smart or stupid, genetically inferior, genetically superior. Genetic mutations are responsible for evolution. That is why those who do believe the official narrative simply should not breed.

  3. Watching this video was my homework. Therefore, I firmly believe that I have the best physics teacher in existence.

    This is true, I believe it, and I have reason to believe it.

    (or do I?)

  4. Love is real, be love. Be love in your heart space, Jesus said, "to be of good cheer." "Do onto others as you would have others do unto you." Then "loving thy neighbor as thyself" is not so hard to do when seen through this spectrum.

  5. Maybe we're all in a coma. Death is our waking up and the brain finally coping with our mistakes. Every person a fraction of our own self. Everything around us here, to help us cope.

    Don't get to weirded out. Well you probably aren't. You watch Vsauce.

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