James Randi: Debunking The Paranormal | Studio 10

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Skeptic James Randi joins us on Studio 10, ahead of his tour around Australia in December:

Studio 10 | 8:30am on TEN


  1. Well being on OZ tv will debunk anything, yes there are those who claim this and that, but there are also those who do have this cosmic ability, but they are few. Faith healing all of these things are true after all Jesus was able to access the cosmic mind God and cause the spirits of sick people to heal them selves. He also said what I am all man will be all human kind will be able to do the same, once they wake up out of their ignorance.

  2. Poor James. All that intelligence yet so stupid and will go to hell for eternity. All because he think he can mock God and becaue he thinks God is like a magic trick where you open a book say some words and things are supposed to happen. Just not the case, I can guarantee you that James has not give his life to God and read the bible throughly and accept Jesus as his Lord. He just hasnt, yet he says tehre is no God and he tried to find Him. Yet he really hasn't. No need to hateful comments. You atheists rent scholars like you think you are. Your arguments are all regurgitated from other people online.

  3. Bla bla bla from dumb believers making up excuse after excuse… Nobody has shown to have real powers under any type of decent control tests…so either do it or stfu with your bogus claims.

  4. Ever consider that maybe if these powers are real, those who actually have them don't want to be known? If they got discovered, they'd probably be taken away and tested for the rest of their lives or have all attention on them in some form, and maybe they don't want that and would rather live normal lives. I know I wouldn't want to be treated like a circus freak or lab rat for the rest of my life. Meanwhile, the fakes that try to be famous are nothing more than dishonest attention and fame seekers.

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