Kailee Morgue – Ghost Of Mine (Lyric Video)

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Ghost Of Mine (Official Lyric Video)
Song available on the Medusa EP

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Directed by Shan Dan Horan
For ShadowbornGroup.com

Music video by Kailee Morgue performing Ghost Of Mine. © 2018…


  1. Hi!
    I have listening to this song for a long time and I really love it!I love your other songs too, and thought you are gonna be my next idol.But when I saw you calling Melanie Martinez a rapist I lost my respect to you.There is no proof for both sides of that story and we don't know what really happend.

  2. Keep the good work up , This is a great song with it being in a much different technique layout from most cliche songs ,and your voice just makes it better . So if u just make more songs with a layout and rhythm such as this one you will blow up

  3. You were walking down my street…

    Oh and I noticed you.

    Beauty is only skin deep

    That's why I had never seen.

    Sorry for being mean.

    One day I'll be keen.

    And kiss your sweet neck.

    But maybe we'll never meet.

  4. wanna fall in love? check out her sublime cover…OMG those eyes and the sincerity in her passion, found this girl by accident a while back, when i discovered "BOSS DJ" by sublime i found her cover been following her ever since…and yes she does have a pandora channel also

  5. Hi I love your voice and your video ♥️
    I wanna to ask that may I have your permission to use your song in my Nightcore channel please ♥️♥️
    I’ll give you credit ♥️♥️♥️

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