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My buddies and I find a haunted house in Corona CA! Kids go there to see this haunted house that burned down called hells gate. What other scary places should I visit? Comment below and like and subscribe. Thanks for watching!

(Rocco Apparel)

Hey “Roc Stars” my name is Rocco and I am 9 years old living the dream in California. I post daily videos of my…


  1. Rocco I love your vids if u see this comment I would love a pair of yeezys they r my dream shoes I would love a pair can u get me I a pair I’m not the richest kid I would like a pair on olive yeezys

  2. Yo great vid Rocco ay you should go to this haunted hotel in Coronado in san Diego its called del something i for got but its realy. Huanted and play fornite with me to on xbox my name is BigThugboy78.?????✌✌✌✌✌

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