Lake George Memories/Gaslight Village and Storytown

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This is a rare home movie from the 1970’s. It is really hard to find any exterior shots of Gaslight Village despite that the park was in operation for over 30 years. So my thanks to Layla who lent me the video to show Gaslight and Storytown. Great memories!


  1. I remember both places, as well as Frontier Town well. We lived about 60-70 miles from there in Troy. I also remember the BEST fast food joint ever A&W Root Beer! We would constantly ride the Ticondaroga, Mini Ha Ha and Mohican…What a great place to visit. Lake George and Bolton Landing!

  2. This is so cool. I also notice how people used to dress. I have many family pictures like this. People dressed so nicely and appropriately to go out and about. What happened in society? Now everybody's out – anywhere! dressed like slobs. Scuffing along in their flip flops drinking their "super chug" from cumby's or something. I don't wanna see your toes, dude. LOL

  3. What id give to go back to those places ….frontier town ,gaslight village, storytown, echanted land ,the dime arcade….the minne haha 37 ft shorter lol the ticonderoga,,,the wax museum..etc etc etc ….wow thanks for the vid …totally brouught me back…i wish my daughter could uunderstand the fun we had as kids back then before all the tech bs of today,,,,:( great Job Bob …..thank God folks like you filmed these places ..we have polaroids but they dont do it justice….my favorite at gaslight was the blue antique armored car ….lmao …id love to find where all this stuff ended up id be pickin for weeks ….lol

  4. Yep, it was a wonderful place, and now its over run every summer by rude and obnoxious people from NYC, New Jersey and points south who act like they own the place and treat the locals like a doormat. Outside of the big car show in September, I stay out of the village now. Most locals avoid it like a bad STD. Six Flags ruined Great Escape / Story Town and Gaslight Village is now a vacant lot.

  5. In a word…WOW! Amazing. This actually made me cry.  I used to vacation with my grandparents at both places every summer. Seeing the antique cars was very special as I used to ride those with my grandfather! Thank you so much!!

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