Lance Stewart’s paranormal activity is fake and how he did it.

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Lance Stewart has been posting some pretty damning paranormal activity videos after a game of Ouija board went array at his local Cemetery. This video shows that is ghost is fake and how he did it.


  1. None of this makes any sense why is it your concern if lance really is going through paranormal activity and that goes for all of you guys too that commented "oh yea lance is faking it" no, instead of amusing stuff actually play the Ouija board and see how your life would be affected. I hate that lance is getting hate because people that never played the Ouija board are saying that it's fake, I mean how easy is it for you not to watch something your not gonna believe and that goes for all the YouTubers that are giving him more hate like do you really sit around posting come backs of every other YouTubers videos don't do that you wouldn't like the hate either so smart enough not to start it !

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