“LET ME DIE”: Spooky Spirit Voice Captured at the Salem Hanging Rock | THE PARANORMAL FILES

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?We were the FIRST PEOPLE to EVER film an investigation here in Salem… what did we find in the dark?? ?

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  1. I hate to say this but in a natural environment eg outside you can't say 100% that every noise is ghostly. Remember foxes dogs rats and all sort of other animals hunt at night not that I'm saying it was. Being a ghost hunter you have to put aside 90% of noise outside is natural, its the 10% you have to believe in. You guys though are very believable and keep it up xx

  2. I have been watching your channel for abt a month and love it. I absolutely love how you guys give the history of the place you are investigating while you are on site. Watching this from NY, I am still getting chills from some of these places you have visited. Thank you for sharing this stuff!!

  3. I went on the Salem witch hunt tour a few years back for Halloween and i captured a big orb outside of the Joshua Ward house. If i find the picture I'd be glad to share it with you guys!! I live about a half hour away. Salem was awesome wasn't it? I am excited for the next episode!!!

  4. Very moving and insightful! You guys just blow me away with your genuine, soul and love of discovery! I lost a family member in the Salem witch trials and for years the talk of it has been kept quiet. We had in our family practicing Druids which was thought to be pagan and unnatural by many people of the time. We are still thought odd quite often but have grown up with a guiding force that allowed us to express our individual gifts! Keep it up you are amazing me at every turn! Love and light, Stacy

  5. WOW that was an amazing cliffhanger at the end. I can't wait u til Nov 3rd!!! Really amazing stuff you guys have been posting! I've been watching all of your videos non stop! ? Really love your work. I am hands down going to buy merch from you guys ? keep up with the great work! ? ✌️ Stay Spooky ? ?

  6. I tried to debunk that "let me die" evp as hard as I could, and not out of a disrespect for your channel, but quite the opposite, however, I couldn't. I listened to it over and over and over and over. I tried chalking it up to a camera sound, because it is a coincidence that the evp happens just as you're clicking on your camera, maybe the light on it or something but that's irrelevant, because it is clearly not a noise from the camera.

    As silly as this sounds, what's most eerie about that evp for me, isn't what it's saying, but how it sounds, I feel like it sounds so damn human, like you can hear the tongue and just the general "mouthiness" of it, and I know that sounds stupid but it is actually pretty deep, because it just makes it that much more emotional. You wouldn't think a spirit could have a "voice" yet somehow I guess they do.

    None of us can understand or even imagine what the other dimension, or dimensions are like, but I believe the reason spirits, energies, angels, demons or whatever you'd like to call them are able to "blend" into certain background noises or sounds, however brief, is because in their plain of existence, they don't have "time" as we do, they can be everywhere and anywhere all at once, and can manipulate their reality to communicate with things through a sort of "white noise" so that we can better understand it.

    Same with spirit boxes, it isn't always the actual "voice" of the spirit we are hearing, but more that they are either splicing words together from the broadcast itself, the same way a ransom note is written by pasting words out of different pages of a newspaper. Or if not that way, then they can manipulate the actual static to "sound" like words, as I said, white noise.

    The craziest is spirit box responses where the answers actually come through a song, but the words to the song actually change to answer your question, and I've actually seen that before as well, creepy stuff.

    Long post, sorry, but man, that evp was heavy shit.

    Awesome video guys!

  7. Another great video guys! I absolutely love the dowsing rods! They're one of my favorite spirit communication tools! Can't wait to see what all happens in your next video! Looks terrifying for Paton that's for sure! Stay $pooky y'all! ❤️&✌?

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