Letchworth Lunatic Asylum Abandoned Urban Exploration Photography in New York by Jason Lanier

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Join award winning photographer and Urban Explorer Jason Lanier as he explores the historic Letchworth Lunatic Asylum in New York. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

This shoot take place in June 2014 while Jason was still shooting with Nikon.

To purchase prints please visit www.jasonlanierphotography.com

The Letchworth Lunatic Asylum has been featured on many ghost…


  1. I see beauty in places not everyone does but I wish I understood photography the way you do. You make it seem effortless. As you shared some techniques it refueled my interest & I'm going to look into a photography course. I live in the beautiful Adirondacks so there is so much history to explore some abandoned some not. Great shots and thanks for sharing!!

  2. 廃墟マニアって、外国人にもいるんですね。(´・ω・`)

  3. I am a bit confused at your logic. Letchworth brings in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year who spend plenty of money there. Between camping, food, etc. Letchworth brings in plenty of revenue. The splendor of the nature and the fact that the majority of this vast scenic areas are open to the public free of charge is one of its main draw-ins. Why charge artists who may not have the extra cash to shoot beautiful places such as this? The towns and cities with all of their fees and taxes take enough of our hard earned cash already. Besides some state parks are beginning to charge photographer and/or require permits to shoot. Which in my mind will kill the lure of it for some photographers. Yes if you really want to shoot something and you have the cash lying around you could pay but some things such as this I feel should be free to the public to enjoy.

  4. Cool video – right in my neighborhood! But to be accurate, it was not a lunatic asylum. It was a residential institution for people with all types of disabilities, from children to seniors.

  5. I understand these locations are great for photographers but I don't think cities want to get sued for accidents that can happen in these falling apart buildings. If you start advertising these abandoned buildings it will also attract more type of people besides photographers. Never the less, great video! 🙂

  6. Great video. The photography is incredible, as usual. I have been planning a trip to Letchworth; I only live 40 minutes away. You are so right that NYC should charge to view these places, instead they pay the police to chase people away. I could never understand why people would rather destroy these historic places rather that preserve them.

  7. Another cool shoot thanks man. What a cool eerie place for the imagination to go wild. The voice at 6:46 sounds like a female saying "click" Your camera did have a heavy click. I think you drew her out of the shadows as the sound was familiar to her as the knob turned to "click" on when electric shock treatment was used on her.

  8. Once again…great work. Yes there is beauty in this. I love old abandoned buildings, cars, boats etc. What would have been epic would be to get to board the Costa Concordia and do a shoot before they destroyed her….

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