Lonesome Ghost Disney Cartoon Mickey Mouse Donald Duck Goofy HD 1080P Hbvideos Cooldisneylandvideos

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Here is A 1080P Hd transfer of the Disney cartoon called Lonesome Ghost, It has Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. This HD 1080P transfer came from A New Super 8mm Sound Print, Enjoy Hbvideos Cooldisneylandvideos


  1. I used to project this on the wall when i was a wee kid i had a slide projector shining through my fisher price toy with Lonesome Ghosts.It was soooooo neat to me. Theres just no youtube vid of it that has the new film sharpness it had that was REALLY mega sharp back then when it was brand new film on super 8.VERY rich color and VERY sharp. It was amazing because even tv wasnt that sharp back then.That was about 1976. And it was my favorite toy for like 8 years,my homemade projector.Good memories. 🙂 ps how did u get a new print of this now? if u can say.

  2. Loved watching these when I was little. I remember one Halloween I was watching these and I had a loose tooth so I barely ate any candy, my aunt kept telling me she could rip it out for me and that scared me so I finally just ripped it out myself. lol

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