Menacing UFO Interdimensional DARK HUMANOID VISITATION! EYEWITNESS EVIDENCE Disclosed! OK Now Things are getting more and more strange events On Jack’s Ranch!!??

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  1. I want to know what that wire is in the pictures with the "second object" The land doesn't look like there should be electrical wires in the area. Out in the middle of no where and it doesn't look like there are any poles there either. If I saw something like this, I would video tape it, not take pictures. Nice try though.

  2. That's he's a villain n attacking queen of the universe thats all knowledge found out 2011 n I'm poseesed he's in my body since 2013 that's what's happening all ufo attacks are ganna be from God he's evil as shit big villain

  3. That's God hen earth he copied that look I thoght of too like the tsunami creature I was supposed to be a black n red outfit with a diamond watch out red over my head Kline I'm wearing it like a demon robotic plasma shit that runs the universe just my fantasies he copied he's on earth n he's in my body since 2013 he's fighting queen of the universe found out 2011 can speak like a snake shit like that gods a villain n attacking earth now he's blocking me I just noticed I have an account on yourube on my cell phone

  4. This is the only credible video you have done in a long time blake the snake. Your channel is becoming satire comedy channel. People are tuning in for a laugh blake. Secureteam10 are miles more credible than this joke of a channel.

  5. They either want to kidnap Jack, or do some test on him or his animals, but luckily the good Aliens who don't agree with this came to his rescue, he should thank his lucky stars he isn't another abduction case

  6. This guy telling the story seems like an actor to me. He's suppose to be some off the land farmer or something. Most people like that don't typically use the word, plasma to describe something. He would have most likely said red light. I'm personally calling BS.

  7. the guy who submitted this and other photos is a hoaxer. He is having a great time and soaking up the attention from the various folks who are pestering him for an interview. He's pulling a "big foot" hoax. He acts like some hillbilly farmer but he's actually a slickster. I think it's rather humorous that's he's really pulling this off rather well. I'll continue to sit back and watch his antics.

  8. omg….. I have encountered that as well, very evil. same omg , I can't believe this, I didnt have any device on me at the time, I live on a farm in central Kansas I have encountered that humanoid, I'm gonna keep a look out for you, and will send you a video next time it happens, it's happened two times, only thing when it happened to me I ran to the cellar and locked it for about a hour, went back out and whatever the eff it was gone. I have dreams about it , like it froze me for a half a minute though, idk, Ive been having dreams about it all the time, im scared to even go out on the enclosed porch at night because I feel as it is there watching me.

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