Message to Former Muslim Nas who left Islam with Mohammed Hijab

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Message to Former Muslim Nas who left Islam with Guest Mohammed Hijab




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  1. To say that 3 in 1 is irrational is ironic as it is irrational in itself as the the Abrahamic religions teach us that God is omnipotent which would allow him to do anything he wants, perhaps even being 3 in 1. Believing the God is eternal and has been omnipresent and before time is as irrational because we cannot comprehend such a feat.

  2. What you said at the start about not Christians not believing you can get into heaven unless you believe in Jesus isn’t true, Jesus said essentially if you’re a good person you can get into heaven

  3. how can someone believe that Islam is the right religion, if muslims believe someone like Muhammad was a Prophet? really. someone who had slaves and sex slaves. someone who was a war God and killed thousands of innocent jews who didn't want to convert to his religion. someone who set the rules of marrying a maximum of 4 wives and decided to marry 11 wives at one time. and also a pedophile who had sex with a 9 year old.
    My muslim friends, do you think God will spread his message through one of the worst people in history. WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRUTH

  4. Allah swt knows about us who is real and who is fake and soon or later you will thrown out where you belong.
    We are gifted with Islam and be thankful that Allah swt you were picked among billions of humankind.
    We must keep in mind that Allah almighty not depends on anything but everything depends on Allah swt.
    He do not need our support or help, he do not run for election to need your support.
    If the entire creation disbelief him or believe him don’t make any difference to him.
    He has huge paradise for those who submits themselves to him and also huge Hell Fire for those who disobey

  5. The Deen Show keep up the good work and you will be remembered as the role model. You have really fought for this religion and let me motivate you with this words.

    Allah never let’s down a Daa’i ( scholar) or someone who always sends the message of Allah.

    Remember when Nabi Ibrahim was saved from the fire ?. His mission was to call the people to the truth. Due to that Allah saved him.

    Lessons from that story is Whoever has pure hearts and are Taqi (god fearing) Allah will never disappoint them.

    Mohamed hijab Allah protect you too. I am a big fan of you and looking forward to be like you.

  6. Jewish population comprises less than 0.2% of the World population yet 22.5% of World Nobel laureate.

    on the other hand Muslims have been busy with 20,375 terrorist attacks and counting since 9/11 to demonstrate their "Religion of Peace".

  7. I just discoverd this show today and i really appreciate the host! Apostaty now is the tendency in MENA countries (Middle East and North Africa) and that is normal for the time being since the only mediatized school during the last 30 years is the Orthodox Wahhabism which is pushing "enlighted" youngs to apostate as a societal reaction. The Wahhabism as everyone knows was spreaded by Saudi Arabian Petro-dollar in order to (1) Have a big influence on the MENA region and abroad, and (2) following the instructions of USA and UK to face communism during the cold war. I, myself spent many years in agnosticism because i was thinking that being born to a Muslim family doesn't mean that I or my family are muslim, i wasn't accepting the idea that Islam is practicing some rituels and that's it. It was for me empty from any meaning, i hope you'll go beyond the literal sense to get this one "the meaning". The idea that i had is that if this religion is right it will be reflected on the acts of its adopters ,however, in our case, the muslim world are in the rock bottom whether it was intellectually, culturally, scientifically and so on…Yet, we claim to have the truth exclusively and that we can teach the world…Big Dilemma

    I converted to Islam – because i was never Muslim before even if i was born to a Muslim family – after having my own individual experience which led me to believe that Islam is not a purpose on itself, Islam is a way to Seek the truth. Again the purpose is not THE TRUTH because no one can reach the absolute truth, the purpose is the REAL INTENTION OF SEEKING THE TRUTH.

    Here is a verse that i really like : "VERILY, those who have attained to faith [in this divine writ], as well as those who follow the Jewish faith, and the Christians, and the Sabians [49] -all who believe in God and the Last Day and do righteous deeds-shall have their reward with their Sustainer; and no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve. [50]" – 2:62

    PS: Sorry for any typo or grammatical error, English is my 4th spoken language here guys!! Assalam Alaykoum

  8. I am not a muslim because I was born into it, I am a muslim because I choose to be one. I was once almost left Islam because I use to hate Islam because that's how I was introduce, I made friends with non muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddist, I still got confused and give a try one more time. Then I decided, that this is my religion and my way of life. I started to pray 5 yrs ago, wear hijab 3 years ago. I read the Qur'an , did my diploma in Islamic studies, and also teaching iqra to the children. I am trying to memories the Quran, make dua for me.

  9. Religion is an illusion. I am a Christian, but Im not Orthodox, Catholic, Preotestant, Lutheran, or Anglican or whatever false christian religion there is out there. Jesus is the Son of God, he died for our sins, I believe in his resurrection, and I believe the biggest strength is humbleness and following your conscience. The reason I am not Muslim is because Allah is a moon god, as represented by the Islamic symbol, and Elah is a sun god, so Muhammad for some reason made Islam based off of the beliefs of the Pagan Arabs. Now , obviously Im no expert on Islam, and I definitely did not mean to offend any Muslims, I just heard about Muhammad making Islam based off of Paganism, so Im probably wrong. I dont have any problem with any religion, I show love and humbleness to everyone.

  10. How come all these former Muslims are completely devoid of proper knowledge on simple Islamic beliefs ,are all these guys simply an orchestra trying desperately to halt peoples from becoming Muslim.

  11. 3:35 in response to the Nas guy, Mohammed gives no reason to believe in a God. The burden of proof is upon the person saying the statement. None of what he said gives any reason to believe his claim. 4:50 there is more evidence that the universe has always existed than there is for a God. Simply put, we have proof that the universe exists while we have no proof God exists. Therefore, we have more (notice I don't simply say proof, nor exact) proof that the universe has always existed, than we do of a God since we have not been presented sufficient reason to. 5:07 atheism is simply the claim "there is no God." This is the negative response to the question "is there a God?" Therefore, it is not on the atheist to prove their stance is correct (since we all know it is impossible to prove a negative) it is on the one making the claim. Hitchens razor, that which is presented with insufficient evidence can be dismissed with insufficient evidence; just like Nas did in his video. 5:35 atheism, again, is simply the refutation of a question; it dictates nothing else in regards to their beliefs. Couldn't watch this guy say things from his deductive logic 100 class incorrectly anymore, good luck for anyone who watches this seriously!

  12. This is what ive been practicing for a long time now (nasism) i feel like god is god and we all fight to figure his name. If you do right all around how can you go wrong. Im an ex cathlic and think about this. The Vatican can stop world hunger tomorrow if they wanted but dont. They have so much power but do nothing except collect more money. God is not going to be happy about this.

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