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  1. I did a check for Iris on Mollie's FB,no connection ,one of the brother's and the perpetrator.0 connection.They must of went on there and hit the 'unfriend' button.FB can unravel the story.Psychic Sleth,The Rev. Rachell Lapham suggests that 1 of the brother's had something to do with this and knew who abducted her.

  2. The illegal immigrant in Iowa who killed Mollie Tibbetts lived on property and was employed by the person who owns the Brooklyn Iowa Republican fund raising form "Campaign Headquarters." The firm raises funds for Committee to Defend the President, Tea Party Patriots and multiple candidates for US Senate. It would be ironic if spanish speaking illegal immigrants were being used at call centers to raise funds for Trump and Republicans. Based on what the person arrested told the police, it's not clear he know how Tibbitts died. Maybe he's a dupe.…/gop-fundraiser

  3. Hi, Gray! I'm seeing this video now. Thank you for covering Mollie's case!
    22:30 – Dalton has other two girls of the Monarrez's family on the Facebook and Blake has Iris (old profile) as friend there. "Everybody knows everybody in Iowa".
    1:52:04 – lol You're great! I don't believe in this blackout story either. And he will persist with this lie to not face his own dirt and to try to get a lower sentence. His facial expressions look like contempt, he has a cold and empty look.
    (My english isn't good, sorry)

  4. Complete speculation but I doubt the actual incident happened directly on a road…… the way his story is going she may have realized what was going on and tried to cut into the fields running so he couldn’t follow with the car which would explain why he had to ditch the car and “run alongside” her. Otherwise I doubt she would just let him run alongside her……then he could basically do whatever he wanted hidden in the fields until he dragged her back to the car…….definitely possible

  5. As far as facebook friends, I am wondering if they went to school with the girl, that could explain why siblings are friends with her but not the boyfriend. I have people I know from school on my Facebook but we don't talk besides like each others picutres randomly.

  6. The gubment gives these type(MS13) jobs all across America. These occurances are planned. They have taken over all construction contracting jobs away from Americans, our youth. All driving brand new Toyota trucks top of the line.

  7. Hey Gray. I have not been able to keep up with your videos lately because I have been taking care of my elderly grandmother but I am about to start binge watching the ones I missed. Can't wait to chat with you in the live videos. We're lucky to have you on these cases. Keep up the good work!

  8. @grayhughes do you plan on making anymore of your original style crime scene videos. Your crime scene reenactment, analysis and animation are amazing. I love how you are able to break the case down and explain it so simply visually how it all went down, it is amazing and helps us normal people be able to understand how something happened, it makes a massive difference. I feel like you should be used regularly in court cases!

    I do love your lives and the interaction you have with your audience too, that is such a unique set up but miss your crime scene analysis videos…they are you at your best! Love all the work you do ?? any thoughts of doing a crime scene reenactment on the laren agee case at all? That would be amazing to see. It is hard to visualise the two camps and the drop that has been talked about between the two, so to see that would make it so much easier to understand how or what went down!


  10. I think Cristhian may have 'somehow' convinced Mollie to get into his car (I have no idea how). She may have gotten into the car and he started driving down that road and she realized that she made a mistake and jumped out… All I'm saying is that what he is saying happened may not be what happened at all.
    It doesn't make sense , as he describes what he 'did ' remember. What did happen?

  11. This video was fantastic! Great work, Gray! I hope that you continue to shine light on other cases in the future that don't get nearly as much attention than this one. Thank you for all that you do!

  12. Do you know, GH, even though you probably don't have the time and your work is on open cases with the intent of solving them, I think you could do a series of spin off videos where you go over classic cases from the past with your style of video. You could use the google earth to show "this is where Ted Bundy was parked, then he left his car and walked up this path and is believed to have escaped through this shopping mall…which wasn't built at the time"
    I like what you do with google earth, it brings the areas where the crimes take place to life. You suddenly realise how far someone may have travelled or how close they lived, which may not have the same effect if you're just hearing or reading about the distances. And not just the distances, things like the look of the landscape or the size of a town.
    I think this would be an interesting way to review old cases. There would obviously be problems with places from the past being pulled down or built over but there may be cases that you could still find most of the same locations.

  13. So we dont know a motive yet. Or if motive was sexual. Maybe he was flirting with her .. she turnd him down. If he didnt rape her then maybe he killed her so she didnt tell her brothers or those sisters. And we dont know yet if weapon was used. And we dont know yet if she was still alive in that trunk and couldve been saved had he provided medical attention. We know he had her headphones on his lap when he woke up from blackout. We dont know how long he blacked out for. If its true he blacked out at all. And we dont know the detail of where her cell phone was at that point.

  14. Iris went to high school with the Tibbetts kids. There are screen shot pics of Mollie and Iris chatting on Twitter or Instagram from 2012 and 2013. Iris is the age of Mollie. Cristhian is 24 though. Being illegally here, he didn't grow up with these kids. It's not uncommon for kids in small towns here in Iowa to all be friends.

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