Most Haunted and cursed Places On earth 2014

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Guys and ladies don’t go to these places, for real
You won’t survive

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  1. And why is your average mean total of survival 20%, according to your study one is liable to survive haunted and cursed places either 20% or 25%, I think that you simply guessed and these are the only two numbers you can come up with.

  2. How did you come to your probability hypothesis and what did you base them on? I'm not sure you can quantify the probability of dying in these places when hardly any deaths in these regions have been reported if any. Besides I would imagine the risk of death in chenobel would be greater than the isle of the dolls owing to the high density of radiation in the environment, I'm sure one would be at more risk of radiation poisoning than being attacked by spirits residing in a doll, just my hypothesis.

  3. How come the whole video is fuzzy ???? You can't see shit because of the bad quality footage. Is it like this to scare us because I'm not scared. Dude get a better high quality camera and you might be able to take even better but worse pictures and videos.

  4. Myrtles Plantation….. I've been there. Creepy as hell, extremely haunted. But, I got out without a scratch. Wouldn't go back for any reason. The place has more demons than ghosts.

  5. Ural woods? Really? Have you ever heard about such as science as geography? Would recommend a lesson or two. There is such a thing as URAL MOUNTAINS, and of course, there are a lot of woods, rivers, lakes etc. in there. Take a bloody look at how big the area is and how many people currently live in the place you name as a cursed with 25 % possibility to stay alive at night. The dumbest thing I ever saw… really…

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