Most Haunted Places in Salem Massachusetts

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What are the most haunted places in Salem Massachusetts? This list acknowledges Salem’s Witch Trials, whilst also looking past it to explore Salem’s ghost stories and reveal Salem’s most haunted locations. More information:

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  1. From both your video, which is amazing ( as long as I am not in those places ), and comments I get the impression that these towns have some dark history. Is boston, where BU, MIT are located are as haunted as these towns? You know so to speak. I will be applying for PhD this comming fall, not a big fan of snakes and paranormal shits. Please do let me know. Ur contents are cool.

  2. I used to live in Salem back in 2001 and was yes…a Salem Witch…thankfully due to me being a student at the local high school lol I lived in a house on Hemenway Rd. Our house was haunted. You could blatantly hear heavy footsteps making there way around the house at times. Loved it there but needless to say it’s good 2b back in my currently haunted house in Tennessee

  3. Love Salem ♡
    My family history is there. If you every get the chance visit The Balch house. My (many) great grandfather who lived there swore that witches were at the foot of his bed when he was sick & had to stay in bed. But I believe he saw something that no one else could see at the time. Stunning video though. So glad I came across your channel ❤

  4. Salem isn’t creepy at all And the people being accused of witchcraft were eating spoiled bread that had acid/DMT in it so they were tripping balls scaring the shit out of everybody

  5. Also this isn’t really a Salem story but it happened in the next town over, Marblehead. There’s this old fort on a hill overlooking the ocean that I went to alone early in the morning to get pictures of the sunrise. While I was sitting and waiting for the sun to rise I heard a rustling/clanging noise behind me which was around one of the locked doors that go into the fort. There wasn’t anyone else there and there wasn’t really much of a breeze either. About an hour later I heard what a door closing slowly, like that cliché horror movie sound. That kinda creeped me out.

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