MOST Mysterious Ghost Towns in the US

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From abandoned mining towns with no more gold, to haunted places, here are 10 Mysterious Ghost towns in the US


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5. Thurmond West Virginia
Once a thriving center of Coal mining in West Virginia, Thurmond was a prosperous place of commerce and businesses…


  1. Ghost towns are abandoned towns, that being said Virginia City and Salton Sea both still have residents, in fact there is more then one town, on the shores of the Salton Sea, i cant remember all of them but there is Braley, Desert Hot Springs, Bombay Beach, Niland, El Centro, Salton Sea Beach, Westmoreland, Calipatria, Rockwood, North Shore/Mecca even Slab City ain't far from Salton Sea either. But ill let you know theres an old town some where north of Sausalito thats empty and for sale, its been on the market for a few years, all the buildings, businesses & homes, and then there is an abandonden town in Alameda County that was a base housing community, its now abandoned since the major base closers happened.

  2. ok. so like you remember the days when people lived on farms and picked cotton for an income? and the person down the road invented the cotton gin? and they worked together to make a profit? well those towns don't use cotton gins anymore. when your only source of income in a town is gone the town goes broke. and become ? towns. forced to be living in cities basically.

  3. The first capital of Alabama was Cahawba, not Catawaba. It was not swallowed up by a flood. It was flooded many times leading to the State legislature to move it to a better location. The town remained active, though much less so, after the big flood of 1865. It is now an active archaeological site and park. You can support Old Cahawba at Come for a visit!

  4. 0:30 as it is such a beautiful location that is worth to restore the whole place, and a pair of services should be added to the. 1:43, 2:56 you could do the museum in the open air? 6:07 how is there fire ?7:08 we can see the price for pure greed where it leads 8:52 still a well preserved ghost town 9:55tell also what was the cause of this firel

  5. Tombstone Az is now a well preserved historical destination. Virginia City is still extremely populated. There is a saloon there called The Bucket of Blood that is known to be haunted.

  6. In my home town of Redding California there is an old Town under water, it was a boom town but when they built Shasta damn it was purposefully flooded they day you can hear the church bell ring in the dead of the night. I've seen pictures when i was in school.

  7. Theres still gold and silver in those old mines. They didn't have the technology to get it all. They did what was called high grading. Take the great stuff and leave the little stuff. The Salton sea resort closed because of how salty the lake became.

  8. At six minutes and 35 seconds into this movie it shows a picture of Main St., Delbarton, WV and that is my hometown where I am from that is currently up running and not a ghost town this should be corrected because the information him this video is not absolutely accurate I went to Bert’s high school there I was raise there and I was born there and I still have a plenty plenty plenty of relatives that live there that work and live every day in this town so it is not abandon it is not a ghost town and this is completely in accurate it should be taken down thank you

  9. Your photo of W. S. Bodie is bogus. This is actually a photo of James Butler Hickok, also known as Wild Bill Hickok. This is actually a very famous photo of him so it's very strange you would make this mistake.

  10. Two things. 1.) The pic of Sonny and Cher in the blurb about the Salton Sea simply says "Bono".Which Bono do you mean? 2.) Honourable mention of the capital of Alabama. The name is Cahaba (kuh-HAH-buh) and not Catawaba or however you spelt it.

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