My 8 Favorite [Paranormal] Podcasts

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My top picks:
Where Did the Road Go? –
Lore –
Mysterious Universe –
Paranormal Podcast –
Campfire –
Expanded Perspectives –
Rune Soup –
Anything Ghost –

Honorable Mentions:…


  1. Check out : '' THE GHOST OF GLADSTONE VILLA''. A genuine case that occurred in Wales, UK from 1969 to 1978. This really did happen to me and my family and our friends and left us all in no doubt that the paranormal is the real deal, in fact, this property actually convinced a skeptic and a non believer so it's well worth looking into and really does need to be documented. Thank you sincerely.

  2. You're missing a few.
    The top two that are glaringly missing are Dreamland and Mysterious Matters.
    Mysterious Matters won podcast of the year in its genre back in 2016.

  3. Great video! I love these podcasts. My favorite thus far are Last Podcast on the Left and The Black Tapes. The Black Tapes is a really fascinating docudrama and Last Podcast is a comedic look at serial killers and creepy stuff.

  4. Where did the road go is good but not enough episodes and they're not long enough,
    Never heard of mysterious universe or camp fire or expanded perspective or room soup anything ghost or beyond the darkness,
    You may want to check out spaced out radio, the higher side chats, the paracast, real ghost stories online, fade to black, veritable radio, red ice radio, and coast to coast,

  5. I listen to quite a few of these as well! I was truly surprised you didn't say 13 o'clock on there though! You should check it out! Its my number one favorite! Its paranormal stuff but from a skeptical point of view, and some true crime and just oddities and criptids stuff. The hosts are awesome people and down to earth. They do a few interviews like relating to Scientology but mostly its them discussing and telling us about some weird shit. Its not child friendly bc language and sometimes graffic description (when crime related).

    also sorry if this sounds like a plug…it isnt…I just like them a lot!

  6. So happy I'm on your master list, Katie! I'll add one that I recently discovered: The Joshua P. Warren Daily… Joshua is from my hometown of Asheville and a paranormal guy that's been all over TV and radio…

  7. Unexplained Podcast (Richard Maclean Smith) is also another great one. I didn’t see it listed in the master post but it’s in a similar vein as Lore. Great story telling and narrative. I believe his last episode covered Britain’s A616 road, which is said to be haunted.

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