My Ghost Story A&E bio Moving Giraffe full video Raw footage Real best evidence of paranormal

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What your looking at is a statue of a giraffe that moves on it’s own in the middle of the night filmed in night vision. This footage was used on the show ” My Ghost Story” on A&E bio channel, this is the full 2 min video. On the show they chopped it up. This video is 100% real some skeptic’s are saying fishing string was used or it’s being pulled on something , this is not true the…


  1. If you people knew anything, you would know this is a short clip from a 4 hour ish video. This is definitely not fake. There is no wire that could have done that. How would they have done that with a wire? They would have had to be within view of the camera in order to pull that giraffe out. Not to mention, if you can read people at all, you would know that the people explaining the event sin the episode, are actually very serious and completely believe what they have witnessed as being a paranormal event. Maybe you people just have not experienced anything like this, so you're skeptical, but for those of us who have WITNESSED paranormal events like this first hand, we fucking know this isn't fake. When you witnessed an event like this, it's surreal. The object moves very strangely, as if not being controlled by anything of this world. I witnessed this happen to one of my belts when I was 21. It just levitated off the floor all skakey – like and sketchy. It was an extremely surreal moment and I just recall blacking my reaction to it completely out. It's sad how many people come into things like this with such a closed mind.

  2. imagine if you will… an empty room where nothing happens and all you see are shadows flickering from the candles that are on the chair….. but it was nice use of fishing string… but in either case.. if it was real that is no evidence of some supposed ghost of anyone.. it is only evidence of something happening.. there is no way at all to prove it was but if it was it was a demon or demonic spirit doing it to make you think it was a ghost of someone who died.. because the bible says the dead do not come back to haunt the living… besides that once a person does die they go off to the judgment.. if people dont like that idea well just wait until you do die and find out

  3. I hope people realize that this could've been some flashing lights that are claimed to be a "30lb Giraffe statue" There is no actual proof that this is real. I will believe it when there is a closer view.

  4. Y'all are fricking idiots!! Does ANYONE read the description anymore? It clearly stated "This is 100℅ real! This Giraffe statue is 30lb, there is no fishing wire or anyone pushing it. It was moving around three hours, the original video was four hours long."

    Take that ya idiots who say its wire or someone pushing it.

  5. I believe in spirits but this is fake and that doesn't mean everything in the world is fake and made up. Only closed minded people that are too scared to face the unknown would blindly dismiss every piece of evidence and chalk it up to nothing but nonsense.

  6. Guys … If you watched the show you'd know the statue is like 30 pounds. Ever tried to slide a 30 pound statue across carpet? It simply cannot be done unless you crawled across the floor behind it. Which as you can see doesn't happen in the video. It's possible this could've been edited but the claims of fishing wire and the like are just … Kinda dumb.

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