National Guard Deployed, Security Doubled at Vital Assets In New York

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Soldiers from the National Guard are being deployed and state law enforcement will be doubled at vital transportation assets across New York in the wake of several bomb incidents, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

The increased security is “out of an abundance of caution,” he said. Devices were found at the Manhattan building that houses CNN and at the New York compound of liberal billionaire…


  1. Material law along the southern border. Then a domino effect asset's across the country already in place converted Wal-Mart's new equipment at national guard facilities. Tick tock! ??

  2. i dont care what this video is about. im watching cnn, and they are straight up talking bullshit… this caravan shit… they blame trump for being against it. the "caravan is all ms13 and la eme….. go figure, trumps bad for protecting us from this shit. this is very bad my people. mark my words; this is going to get worse. remember all the race wars when obama got elected? me either. remember the fight against bush in 2000? i do. but the attacks against trump are ridiculous and obvious. they never point out the good… just hate on him. but i bet if helliry was boss, you wouldnt hear anything about devision. this is bullshit!!!! i dont support either side, but i know a rigged game when i see it…… bet check or fold sheep? i fold. cant win a game made for you to lose. thats what this is. if we keep youtubing and bitching, we will lose. time to act. dont hurt people, just stop working. if only feeds them.

  3. Real ironic that this bomb shit is going on same time as this caravan heading this way, almost as if they are trying to distract us from the hordes of the worlds problems heading our way. Fucking left.

  4. Those packages were NOT even processed in the FRIGGIN mail! The stupid stamps hadn't even been marked (black ink stamped) as having gone thru the damn system!
    This is VERY CLEARLY a "Set up job" and is being used to/for:
    1.) Diversionary tactics
    in general.
    2.) Make it appear as a
    "Trump supporting nut
    job/R WingNut" threats
    3.) Possibly potential reason
    to declare ML
    4.) Distract long enough to
    light the illegal caravan
    fuse for a reason to HALT
    the Nov. elections!

    BTW How many ppl that see this are aware that many (if not All) of those in that caravan have a backpack with a nice big lable that says:
    The frigging state dept., FEMA, NSA or other abc co. are Phucking FUNDING this Shit!!
    ? ? ?

  5. My governor is doing what he said protect AMERICAN life project the home land & gate to the York city is the capitol of the world.their are bigger problems like this dwarf Sun STAR nemesis. Now that scares me more.A pole shift comeing SOON very SOON. Look up the sky's don't lie. keep up the great work honestly.Juan bx n.y.

  6. Cuomo snowflakes on us? SEND THEM TO THE BORDER. Zero explosions…these aren’t real. What good is the National Guard going to do, guarding “assets?” Stop everybody with a yellow envelope? This is purely a show for the flakes.

  7. Hes just trying to keep NY National Guard busy so they wont be available to defend our border from the George Soros Open Society organized migration to turn overturn our government like hes done every where else in the world. Accept Hungray, his homeland. They kicked his dirty rat ass out and now is wanted. Lol

  8. These bombs were never intended to go off! Jus a staged, lifties looking for the pity vote in our upcoming election, wanting to blame the Republicans or Trump! Just like this caravan/mob fixing to hit our southern borders, don’t you think it’s a-little ironic that all this is happening right before the election??? A red tsunami is coming in November, the lefties are running scared & desperate and will do anything to get a vote even if they have to cheat to do it!!

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