Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House – Hidden Ghosts, Book References & Most Shocking Moments

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If you’ve finished watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix, here are the hidden ghosts and references to the original book you may have missed, plus the most shocking moments of the first season! Warning: Spoilers!

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  1. I love all these videos, I do, but can someone start identifying these ghosts!? There's one with long blonde hair, then there's one who looks a bit like the housekeeper. These two are seen loads of times. How many appearances does bowler hat man make? Crazy Poppy is also seen often. It's great just listing them off but to start figuring out who they are and why they are there someone needs to start identifying them. Another video suggested they may be tied to certain places within the house, the hallway ghosts. Erik Voss would have had a DEEP dive set up! He would have all of them listed and given numbers of appearances, clues to identities based on clothing and positioning.
    Get Erik in here!!

  2. The Bent Neck Lady/Nell revelation wasn't exactly original. Two characters experienced similar fates in Ju-on 2.

    Most of the new series' horror moments come from other films.

    Theo's character is too much like Christopher Walken from The Dead Zone.

    Characters having conversations with ghosts at certain parts, is Six Feet Under.

    What is different as an example, are the Dudleys, and not in a good way.

    In the book and original film, the Dudleys are sinister, almost malevolent characters, who taunt and try to instill fear and dread into Nell and the others.

    Mrs Dudley certainly wasn't religious or kind, and neither was her husband. And they didn't have any children. Their life was the house.

    Their hostile and eeerie behaviours were an example of what the house, and how those exposed to it, became corrupted over time.

    This series takes too many liberties with the source material and in fact, outright rips off many other horror films in the process.

  3. Ah! I kept telling my boyfriend there were pop-up entities lurking in the background throughout the show and he accused me of seeing things because I have bad eyesight! The audacity! Turns out, I've seen 80% of these hidden ghosts already. Suck it, Tobias!

  4. the funniest moments: When someone puts buttons on Nell's eyes and shirley is like "Who did this, do you think its CUTE? -_-" and when shirley finds out about theo being lesbian

  5. I really would love it if they made a season 2 with shirleys children going back to the house to discover their parents past and they unravel why all the other ghosts are there or something to do with the other ghosts as i know they didn't want to make the ghosts who were haunting them the main storyline i am interested to why there are so many there and what their stories are..

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