NEW YORK – Ghosts Of 9/11 (May Be Upsetting!) – Paranormal America Episode 42

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  1. IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you are faint hearted and easily upset I don't recommend watching this video, it even upset me doing the research for it. I also wanted to say RIP to all those victims who died on 09/11/01 and my prayers go out to them and their families and friends who lost their loved ones on that evil day.

  2. Yes I absoloutely believe. Im a Brit and was in NY at 9/11 with my story to tell too, like 1,000s of others. My husband and I returned 3 months later, to vist friends in NY and Boston – and as a sign that terrorism (whoever is causing it) is going to make me cower away from life. I'm also an energy healer and just wanted to bless that brutalised site and see if I could help in some way. It was amazing how warm it was for December. It was more like May, as if the angels were keeping the snow away so the rescue workers could do their job. We came back to UK in time for Christmas and I wasn't feeling myself. I was listening to different kinds of music and eating foods I didn't normally eat. I had a craving for mince meat – burgers, cottage pie, spaghetti bolognaise, mince and dumplings – anything with mince meat. Then I knew a spirit had attached to me. I had a very vivid dream – also something I rarely do – and I saw a middle aged man in a suit, lying under a park bench, surrounded by white dust. I was right there, having this conversation with Jesus – this firm but gentle voice from above, asking me what I wanted him to do. Did I want to go to heaven? I said "No not me – take him, that man there,he is lost. He doesn't know he is dead. please help him".
    I woke up and I was sitting bolt upright in bed and my heart was thumping. I knew the man was at peace. All my cravings had gone.
    November 2016 – we went back to NY to see the footprint fountains and visit the memorial museum, and I was looking into the window of O'Hara's bar, right next to the Trade Centre, I thought maybe we could grab a coffee, but it wasnt open.
    I turned and there was a middle aged man standing a few feet away. He smiled and said "O'Hara's opens around 11:30". I smiled back and thanked him, said I would call back later." I walked away towards Fire House 10 and the Museum, but somethiing made me turn around. That man intrigued me. He was wearing a pale grey suit and he looked familiar to me. He was gone.
    Where'd he go so quickly? And then I knew……..oooh maybe he was the man. He looked happy anyway. So it wasnt really a scary ghost story.

  3. I believe it is true because yes they were murdered so there's probably a lot of Souls that feel like that their deaths needs to be like some truth to it they feel like they need to be around because the truth really hasn't been said is what I believe you know like when a person is murdered in their soul hangs around because maybe just maybe that the wrong person that the police got is the wrong guy or they haven't found him yet that the truth hasn't been told so their souls can't move on or they're all so confused confused Souls have a hard time moving on when they feel something isn't right or something hasn't been done while that's my tape on it I do believe in the stories about that you know it's just hard to believe that there is not one haunting that's going on in that area where that happened to this day I feel remorse of all those people that died watching those people jump in the building that's very haunting those people didn't deserve to die and I believe they died for someone else's greed and that's just downright wrong people that are involved are not behind bars something like that deserves death sentences and none of them has been handed out to any of the people that were really involved I'm still waiting on the truth and I'm sure they are too to move on thanks and God bless and God bless everyone

  4. I do believe in the pernormal because I have a lot of pernormal activity in my place I can sense then but I can't not see.them I used EMF and EMP app to detect what is going on around me. The ghost said I'm very keen clairvoyant Sensetive.i think it's the land. It feels like rain drops are hitting my ghost speaker voltex and portals. Angels little demons family members and friends who have planetary spirit horoscope spirits animal spirits Civil War ghost Abraham Lincoln George Washington Ulysses S Grant. Shadow people

  5. Hi. I was a 21 year old artist about to move to NYC SUMMER OF 2001. I stayed until her Cancer was in remission six more months. But I still went… Nine month after the attacks. I helped and did what I could and mostly listened to those that lost loved ones and needed an ear.
    On the year anniversary I bought so many flowers to leave at every station I passed. Thirteen maybe fourteen months after the attacks I needed a new job and an interview took me to an address further downtown than I had gone other than helping. After the interview, it was cold so I found the nearest Subway entrance and fumbled looking for where was I and how to get back to Greenwich village which is where I knew my way around. The grid system doesn't start till SoHo. So I get the map out and I'm finding where the club I just interviewed was and looked up to see what station I was at and how to get North. I look up and see WTC1. and that's when I noticed there was no noise, just my heels. I was underground. They cleaned out some of the subway that stuff but it was completely lit up bright yet empty. Then I thought a train was coming but it was the sound from another tunnel. But then WHOOSH sound from the dark tunnel came and whipped NOT BY ME BUT AROUND ME three maybe four times. And I'm a sceptic, science but scared as hell and as I walk back up to the street level I said out loud "I'm so sorry if I disturbed you. I got lost and there is nothing blocking the way in here. I'm new, I came to help your families. Forgive me, I meant no harm." WHOOSH from deep in the tunnel but warm and passes me not cold and circling me.

    Then I hailed a cab and he said he hadn't picked up anybody from that stop since IT happened was it open again!?!? I just muttered no no I got lost. The platform was lit. I was lost. It was… Weird there…"
    The cab driver said sweetheart don't tell me. In my line of work I've heard so much I hardly sleep… Stay in the village, kid he said when dropping me off. And welcome to New York.

    All of that is explainable but happening there, then, to me, it scared the bezeesus out of me.


  7. I can say this on behalf of the great state of Oklahoma , we will never forget about you New York City , Shanksville , Pentagon , you will remain in our daily thoughts and prayers until the day we parish . Let not your heart be troubled , you will be reunited with your loved ones , in paradise. The terrorists took away your family's flesh but not their brilliant souls . . .

    God speed to , your future(s)

  8. I used to work with a girl who traveled to NYC in 2006. She and her friend really wanted to go to ground zero to pay their respects. She took a lot of pics of the area . We all wanted to see the pics when she came home. She told us, “Most of the pics are bad”, but showed us anyway. EVERY shot in and around ground zero were blurred. Not fuzzy, but they looked like the images she shot were stretched and warped. (Reminiscent of the photos of the doomed people in the film The Ring). Only the ground zero pics were like that. The ones before and after were perfect. The girl wasn’t into anything paranormal, but I thought it was extremely weird.

  9. You had me for a minute until you said plane.

    These planes that hit the towers these two they were supposed to be passenger planes right the Y when they slow down everything it looks like a military plane and the airplane parts the engines that were found laying about the city along to a completely different plane that is not a passenger plane.

    The whole thing is a CGI hologram with sound and effects

    Those are military grid across the lands that tells if there's a foreign plane coming directions that was turned off and only a president has ability to do that for he is in charge of that and it was turned off and a plane's came in right okay that was a plane that supposedly supposed to hit the Pentagon however does a video camera across the street that's show no plane just an explosion.

    Oh that's a place high above was a complete White Plain that could disappear in the clouds the projector let Holograms the plants

  10. Thank you for being respectful about this topic! Good job man, great video! I was nowhere near New York on 9/11/01, but I was a semi driver stuck in a potentially dangerous situation that day. It was an alcohol plant on total lockdown. Also 20 miles down the road was a nerve toxin plant, decommisioned of course, but the chemicals were still being stored there. The fear I experienced that day was something that I will never forget! So, again thank you for your respectful approach on this topic!

  11. In 2010 I started caring (health care) for an elderly man who was a Buddhist healer and was quite psychic. He lived in Manhattan around the corner from St. Patrick's Cathedral. He was recovering from his 3rd heart attack and had to come stay with me in New Jersey. After he felt comfortable enough with me, he told me what was going on with him. He said that every night, all night long he had an endless line of people coming to him, begging for him to help them. They were lost and confused, they were also dead. He was very serious in telling me this, and said he planned on selling his Manhattan apartment to get away from it, because it was effecting his health. After a few months he was strong enough to be on his own and returned home, only to have another heart attack within weeks. He said that the constant parade of souls was draining him too much. He actually never recovered from the last heart attack and we lost him. So yes, I believe it 100%

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