New York Gubernatorial Debate

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Republican challenger Marc Molinaro meet in a 60-minute debate before the election for New York Governor. CBS2’s Marcia Kramer moderates.


  1. Cuomo is a crooked POS. I don't believe he answered a single question and everything that came out of his mouth was only meant to disrespect Republican's and Molinaro. Kudos to you Molinaro for keeping your cool debating with this douche-bag and actually speaking on possible solutions to NY's problems. We desperately need a change. VOTE LARRY SHARPE!

  2. Cuomo only cares about NYC, because he wants the votes. Hey Cuomo what about the rest of NY. My business insurance has went up by 1000 percent because of this fool. Before Cuomo I had employees, now I have none and am in poverty.

  3. MINI ME FOR GOVERNOR. VOTE MARC MOLINARO 6 November 2018. IMPRISON CUOMO! Cuomo said he has no problem DUCKING responsibility. Think over his statement. Also, it is a known fact that NY state politicians rely on CSEA, CASED CLOSED, NEXT! The MTA is an authority in NYS, so the executive branch of NY (Governors office) has influence in the MTA, as it does The Power Authority, and the Thruway Authority. Take responsibility GOVERNOR CUOMO! The answer is NOT government dole, the answer is GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT!

  4. NY State can do without Nipper and Hog House Tender Governor. He is good at making speeches for the media instead of proactively involved in doing good things. For MTA, cut its budget, staff, and get rid of Union and I assure you they will improve current tangled up MTA to run much improved subway system.

  5. "No. You're more corrupt."
    "No. You're more corrupt."
    "No. You're more corrupt."
    "No. No. No. You're more corrupt."
    "No. No. You're more corrupt."
    "No. You're more corrupt."
    "No. No. You're more corrupt."

    Tell you what. Everyone go watch Larry Sharpe tear these guys apart and see why they didn't want him on the panel. What a rigged system.

  6. Andy, funds the MTA bullshit off the backs of out state NY. It is them for him to leave. I hear he had a prepaid standing ticket to leave the US. Seeing in his words " the US will not be great again in face t was never great "!!!

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