One of the Most Restricted Abandoned Places in America (24 hours)

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I would like to thank you for joining me on an urban exploration inside one of the most forgotten abandoned places in America. This is part 1 of a 24hr urbex of an extremely decayed and neglected building fill with abandoned stuff left behind. This 1,000 bed hospital facility had one purpose, and that’s to take care of our nations finest when they need it the most. Part 2 will contain…


  1. why in the heck would they be paying for security of the building that has been abandoned and trashed why would they give a damn obviously they don't give a crap about how much waste and how much stuff is left in there because they wouldn't of left it behind if it was worth anything this just goes to show you how freaking wasteful the veterans administration is

  2. I wonder if all those pink stickers that say excess where stuff they were trying to auction off? I just can't believe how massive this place is and left abandoned. Its nice to have the background as to why. Good job! 🙂

  3. You should come down to New Orleans, as you might imagine, we have a LOT of places to explore. Abandoned skyscrapers for fucks sake. Also, Charity Hospital and Lindy Boggs Hospital. Look them up, amazing and horrifying stories

  4. Send the crooks overseas to play with the 'bad guy's' & tattoo 'I am gay' in the 'bay guys's' language!
    Or just tie em' up & let Vets use an for target practice but use only blanks to scare the crap out of them. Then bring them to prison but don't let them have any health care! They took health care away from Vets, so why should they have it?!

  5. I just found your channel four hours ago. 3 am "Ya'll better love me for this one" haha you're a legend man. If you ever decide to do a video where you let one of your subscribers tag along with you lemme know!

  6. Ha! I used to work at the Brecksville VA. So much stuff was left behind its ridiculous. I legally explored the place during the decommissioning… creepy then creepier now.

  7. you should try and find the boiler/mechanical systems room for part 2. I wonder if they had a central boiler for all of the hot water radiators. You would probably find that area interesting the heating equipment and water piping is probably huge. says they had central coal heating until 70s was converted to nat gas.

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